Transformative Life Coaching

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As your Personal Trainer I will effectively be coaching you to meet your specified and personal goals. I am also available to support you outside of a Personal Training framework with any other life themes or issues you'd like to explore through coaching sessions.

Through our coaching we'll work together to explore your challenges, taking a deeper look underneath the surface and look at the best ways for you to achieve your health and well-being goals and /or other goals that you bring to the sessions. 

Any life change can be challenging and may require a change in thinking or behaviour alongside it. Ultimately the goal for us in our Life Coaching sessions is to look at changing the outcome. This could be simply looking at exploring your thoughts around a certain theme or looking at the more practical steps required.

As your Life Coach I am not there to be the wise one or to have the answers. I will take the position that you hold the answers. I'm not there to 'fix' you - because you are not broken. I will support you to  do your best with the resources you have at hand and the solutions you already hold.

Coaching sessions are a client centred process. This means that you bring the agenda to the table and any realisations or answers come from you - not from the coach.


My role is to listen, to hold space for you to lead and reflect, to help you to feel supported, whilst exploring the areas of life that matter to you. I will work with you encouraging an open, honest and authentic conversation and experience.

What's My Coaching Background?

I have been coaching people in one way or another for over 11 years, mainly through Personal Training. 


I am currently receiving formal certification with Animas - Diploma in Transformational Coaching. Transformational coaching is a powerful combination of the psychological, humanistic, integrative, and holistic. 


I chose this course as it cuts no corners at all and is not only fully accredited but with the best accreditation bodies - ICF ACSTH

What Are my Focus Areas?


Some of the areas I'm particularly passionate about supporting clients to create profound transformational change in themselves, are:

- All things health and fitness. Of course, I'm a Personal Trainer after all and I will be happy to use my life coaching toolkit as part of our Personal Training sessions. 

- Vegan Living. I'm a passionate Vegan and certified to guide you with nutrition. If you have any barriers towards Vegan living we can explore these, look at how you're getting on, look at your options and the best way forward for you.

- Supporting Gay men. As a gay man and gay life coach and with my experience supporting gay and LGBT people - such as having volunteered with Gay Switchboard, I am equipped with experience to support others.

- Themes around purpose and spirituality are another of my personal favourite areas.

Send me a message with a little about the goals that you'd like to explore and lets see how we can go forward together.

Tranformational Life Coaching sessions can be offered in person and also online via Zoom or facetime.

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