Personal Training for Seniors

Health and Fitness for Life

Good health and wellbeing can be enjoyed throughout life. We often imagine that senior living means having a poor quality of life - this is not the case at all. As we get older our bodies will change in a number of ways, neurologically, physiologically and physically yet it is largely in our control to the extent we let such changes impact our quality of life and well-being.


Aches and pains, the risk of falling, heart issues, decreased mobility, strength and the risk for joint discomfort are all aspects of health we need to consider more prominently as we age. These may in turn also affect our mental well-being. How these impact our lives can be influenced by the actions we take and therefore do not need to take away from the joy of living our daily lives and going about our business.

The best medicine to reduce risk and these barriers to living healthily and fully is regular daily movement practices through cardiovascular exercises such as walking and swimming and strength training along with a balanced diet. I will support you with this, through our personal training sessions and support you with an independent plan so you can get on with what you care about most - enjoying your passions, family and friends to the fullest.

We'll work together exploring the best way forward for you. That may include mobility and flexibility exercises, strength training and getting your heart rate up! Depending on your fitness level, mobility concerns, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesse we can also work with chair based exercises and mobility supporting yoga poses and gentle movements. Most likely it will involve a little of all the above.

Our sessions will be private and one to one. My aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout our training. We will work together to find the best way forward that suits you, considering your abilities, desires and goals.

I look forward to finding out how I can support you. Thank you for considering me to support you with your goals.

Get in contact today to start to enquire about availability and start living your best life - whatever your age.



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