personal training for older people in north london

Personal Training for Seniors in North London

Personal Training for Seniors in North London


Good health and well-being can and should be enjoyed throughout all life's stages. My intention is that all my clients, regardless of their age enjoy healthy living to their full potential.


My older clients know that they do not need to have a poor quality of life. Though our bodies will change in a number of ways, it is largely in our control to the extent we let such changes impact our quality of life and well-being.

Having personal trained a number of clients in their 60s and even late 70s (I've not yet trained anybody in their 80s but they're definitely welcome to come join me in the studio) I have seen these clients thrive. They take regular trips around the world, have good level of mobility, enjoy high and stable energy levels and look and feel healthy.


Together we have reduced the risk or managed aches and pains, the risk of falling, heart issues, decreased mobility, strength and the risk for joint discomfort. 

The best way my older clients have reduce their risk and barriers to living healthily and fully is by regular daily movement practices including cardiovascular exercises such as walking and swimming and through our strength training sessions. We also work together to ensure we get the best out of our eating plans.

Our personal training sessions may include mobility and flexibility exercises, strength training and getting your heart rate up! Depending on your fitness level, mobility concerns, preferences and strengths we can also work with chair based exercises and mobility supporting yoga poses.

Through our personal training sessions, inside the training sessions and independently, you can get on with what you care about most - enjoying your passions, family and friends to the fullest.

Personal Training is private and one to one. My aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe throughout our personal training sessions. My clients are always made to feel welcome. I pride myself on providing an environment which feels safe, friendly and welcoming for everybody who wishes to share their health journey with me. Our personal training sessions will be suitably paced and you are always welcome to bring a friend or family member along to the sessions for additional support.

Get in contact today to start start living your best life - whatever your age.