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14 Vegan Simple, Cheap & Healthy Snack Ideas

This is a very basic list of quick, easy, cheap and of course Vegan, snack ideas for any time of the day.

I'm not trying to be clever here, or even veer off the beaten track. One of the big barriers to healthy eating is people often not having some ideas in their mind-bank for healthy snacks, that they can conjure up without much effort and with minimum time.

Here are some of my ideas - please no eye rolling - I told you they'd be basic.

1) Hummus This is a pretty flexible choice, you can have bread with it, crackers or even better some nice fresh carrots or peppers or celery. Even the type of hummus varies these days so you won't have any problems keeping this snack choice fresh and fun.

2) Porridge - I love this option, especially in winter. Add some nuts, chia seeds, throw in some cut fruit, maybe a bit of cinnamon and some plant based milk.

3) Nuts - I keep a jar on the side, often of mixed nuts and I take 1 or 2 handfuls a day. No fuss tasty snack.

4) Smoothie - Popular fruit and veg for smoothies include apples, bananas, spinach, carrots and berries. Buy a cheap blender online (the type that you can carry the bottle with you straight after) for very limited effort and a speedy healthy snack. Some people like putting in plant based milk but water is fine too, depending on the ingredients you like. There are thousands of recipes on line so get exploring or be creative.

5) Fruit - Obvious but rarely utilised, the power of picking up a fruit! Bananas are my fruit of choice as well as apples and berries but I try to also eat what's in season and reduce my packaging, whilst keeping the fruit bowl varied.

6) Dried Fruit

7) Vegetables - No hummus required, I simply grab a carrot and go.

8) Vegan Yoghurt - The vegan yoghurt brand that comes to mind is Alpro but thankfully the supermarkets are catching up with this demand - very slowly. Half a pot of yoghurt, some berries on top and some chia seeds - delicious.

9) Avocado Smash on Sourdough Bread - So easy and equally amazing.

10) Chia Seed Pudding - so many creative ideas to be found online (otherwise just add plant based milk and some cocoa powder!)

11) Peanut Butter or Other Nut Butter - Straight out of the tub. I sometimes like to cut apples up and spread some nut butter on.

12) Salted Edamame - a great protein source.

13) Dark chocolate - believe it or not there are lots of health benefits to be found here.

14) Sheeted Seaweed Crisps - Absolutely love these.




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