silent minimally guided meditation arnos grove north london

30 Minutes of Silent, Minimally Guided Meditation

Most people, including myself wish that they could make meditation a regular part of their daily routine.

After a couple of Personal Training sessions, where I felt my client had a lot of their mind and were feeling a little anxious, I have suggested that we take some time out to meditate. This was hugely satisfying and helpful to my clients and to myself and transformed the direction of the rest of the day. This is how this offer of a meditation session was born.

Whereas I have been trained as a meditator facilitator, I am not interested in making our meditation too complicated and will support a silent and minimally guided meditation, where we will meditation together.

No chanting, no oms, no hypnosis, no affirmations. You can sit down or you can lay down on a mat.

I am simply providing the space, a little accountability and a little guiding nudge. I am not a spiritual or peace guru or a Buddha. I just know that when there's an appointment in the diary and when there's been an exchange of money, in this case only a relatively small fee (see prices here), you will turn up and you will meditate and you will feel better. I'll also feel better!

The format is 1 to 1, though let me know if you'd like to bring a friend, partner or family member. The style is super informal. Our meditation session will take place from my private studio in Arnos Grove, North London.

Contact me to start your one to one, meditation practice, in North London.