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Nutritional Support including Vegan & Plant Based 

Personal Training with Plant Based Nutritional Support


Alongside our Personal Training sessions I will support you with your nutritional practices.

Currently, only a small number of my clients are Vegan but all of them have found huge benefit in moving their direction towards a plant based diet, whether in the form of weight and fat loss, better muscle to fat composition, increased recovery time, better energy and improved mental well-being.

I strongly believe that balanced plant based nutritional practices are key to transformative results.


From my experience, before I took meat out of my diet, I suffered from often mild to sometimes extreme bouts of low energy.

4 years ago, I adopted a Vegan diet and life-style and I have never felt better. 


As a Vegan for 4 years, my energy and vitality is now much higher, than ever before. I want to share this experience with everyone. I ask my clients (and anyone who will listen) to make even small changes towards a plant based and Vegan life-style.


Studies not only show that a plant based diet is significantly better for our health in all profile indicators, but also better for the health of the planet and is a more compassionate and just way to live. 

A plant based whole food diet is the healthiest approach and we will work to make a number of small changes to your nutrition which will make a big difference to how you look and feel. Alongside our personal training sessions we can look at your food diaries on a regular basis and make easy substitutions to your existing diet, to get you on your way, with a plant based diet that gets you the results you want, fast.


You won't look back once you experience the endless health and fitness benefits of a plant based diet and hopefully chose to go Vegan! I'm be right with you to support you.