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plant based personal trainer london

Vegan Personal Trainer in North London

My aim is to support you to be at your healthiest by offering you support with your nutrition.


As a Vegan Personal Trainer, I would be more than glad to support you with a Plant Based nutritional approach.


This support is included as part of our Personal Training sessions at no extra cost. 


I have been a Vegan for 8 years.


Becoming Vegan was the best decision I've made. I strongly believe that balanced plant based nutritional practices are key to transformative health and fitness results.

Being Vegan also strongly aligns with my values of justice, sustainability and care for our planet.

All of my clients who have transitioned to a plant based diet, have found huge benefit in doing so.


Whatever their initial incentive was for moving to a plant based diet, they have seem big improvements in a number of areas.


These improvements have been in the form of weight and fat loss, better muscle to fat composition, better skin health, increased recovery time post training, higher and more stable energy levels and improved mental well-being.


They have also found a sense of community and excitement in the new experiences since going plant based.


They have also expressed a sense of freedom in being more aligned with their values, ethically and spiritually.


My Vegan Journey

Social media led me to becoming Vegan when I saw the immense suffering that animals endure to end up on my plate.


The craziest thing about it was learning that animals and their produce are not at all necessary for human health!


I always previously had the impression that meat and dairy were essential and anybody who avoided these must be unhealthy. 


In fact, it seems to me now that it's the opposite.



Before becoming Vegan, I suffered from often mild to sometimes extreme bouts of low energy, often feeling like I'd been hit by a bus, where I would need to lay on my bed to recuperate after being out the house for a few hours or having a busy day at work.


A short time into my plant based diet, I felt my energy levels rocket up.


The difference in how I feel now from when I ate animals and their produce, such as dairy and eggs, is immense.


I passionately want to share the joys of being Vegan with as many people as possible as it has been life changing for me.


My quality of life has improved immensely.


I ask my clients (and anyone who will listen) to make even small changes towards a plant based and Vegan life-style, so that they too, may experience these benefits.


Please read my blogs for more suggestions on how to move towards a Vegan lifestyle and for more tips and advice on other health and fitness issues.



Studies not only show that a plant based diet is significantly better for our health in all profile indicators, but also better for the health of the planet and is a more compassionate and just way to live.


Do I Need To Be Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based for Personal Training With Marios?

If you choose to train with me, being Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based is definitely not a prerequisite. -


Everybody is welcome.


Nonetheless, I do hope that you'll be open to making changes towards a Vegan, Vegetarian or Plant Based diet, to enjoy its countless benefits to yourself, the planet and its inhabitants.


Personal Training with me, is not about feeling pressured, therefore we will always work together within your comfort zones.


I am simply a facilitator or guide, supporting you towards your health and fitness goals.

You are the expert and the captain of your own ship.


How Will Personal Training with Nutrition Focus Work?

A plant based whole food diet is the healthiest approach and if you'd like to move towards a plant based diet, we will work together to make a number of small changes to your nutrition plan. 


Food Diaries - Alongside our personal training sessions we can look at your food diaries on a regular basis.


We'll make easy substitutions to your existing diet, to get you on your way, with a plant based diet that gets you the results you want, fast.

After a week or two we'll look again at your food diary and see how you've been getting on with the suggested changes to your diet and make any further adjustments if required.


We'll regularly check in on the smart scales and consider how you're feeling, what your energy levels are like and consider your enjoyment of the new nutritional practices.


Contact me


You won't look back once you experience the endless health and fitness benefits of a plant based diet and hopefully chose to go Vegan!


Whether you go Vegan or not, we'll make sure you're eating healthier, feeling happier and enjoying living at your full potential.


I'll be right with you to support you.


Contact me, today to make small life-style changes, leading to big results.

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