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Arnos Grove N11, North London

Slow Flow & Restorative Yoga for Beginners with Marios

Hi, I'm Marios a certified and experienced Yoga teacher offering one to one Yoga sessions, especially aimed towards beginners, in North London.


I hope to share with you the joy that yoga can bring into our daily lives. Yoga can bring a sense of calm, connection and grounding. I aim to introduce a Yoga practice that is not about the shapes your body can make or about getting into a hand-stand but about finding peace, connection relaxation and calm on the mat - and off the mat.

There is no need to be flexible. My own flexibility is questionable! Yoga is far more than how much you can bend. In fact it's not about that whatsoever. Yes, Yoga can support flexibility and improve your flexibility, but that's not necessarily its aim - unless you really want it to be of course. In fact, Yoga should be viewed as a practice - an experience, connecting body to mind. It's not about getting from A-B which can be very hard for us to grasp - it took me a while to come out of this mind-frame.

Our one to one yoga sessions will focus on linking breath to movement, holding restoratives postures and slow flow sequences. These yoga sessions are an opportunity to give ourselves time out from our often hectic daily London routines and are an amazing complement to our regular Personal Training sessions - if you wish to enjoy Personal Training.

These one to one Yoga sessions are an alternative to London Yoga class scene, which are often unwelcoming and not particularly friendly, especially to the one or two men who find themselves in a typical class and don't receive very welcoming looks. In our one to one sessions, I will have an opportunity to focus my attention on your form and technique for a safe and custom Yoga practice. Here we'll enjoy a friendly Yoga practice and ease into our bodies and find space in our mind.

Get in contact today to start to enquire about availability and start your Yoga practice for beginners with me, in North London.