Yoga and Flexibility

for all levels including beginner

Are you looking to experience the benefits of a calming and grounding Yoga practice or to improve your flexibility? These disciplines can be included alongside your Personal Training sessions or in sessions of their own right.

Flexibility Training


Greater flexibility has countless benefits. Through improved range of movement, It supports a healthier body with fewer injuries addressing muscle imbalances. Your body will feel better and more open with reduced pains and tensions. 

Flexibility Training will also improve your posture, especially If you are sitting at the desk, driving for a large part of the day or hunched over your phone. Better flexibility will address any imbalances before they cause injury or distress. 


Flexibility Training also feels good and relaxing to practice.

Yoga Sessions


I hope to share with you the joy and peace that yoga can bring into our daily lives. Yoga can bring a sense of calm, connection and grounding. In our Yoga practice it is not about the shapes your body can make or about getting into a hand-stand but about finding peace, connection, relaxation and calm on the mat - and off the mat.

Yoga Practice and Flexibility Training Is For Beginners and Those Who Can't Touch Their Toes!

You do not need to be flexible to benefit from Yoga practice or flexibility training. I am not particularly flexible myself but have seen improvements in my flexibility with regular practice.


Yoga is far more than the shapes our bodies make. In fact, Yoga should be viewed as a practice - an experience, connecting body to mind. It's not about getting from A-B - it took me a while to come out of this mind-frame. Yes, we'll develop our flexibility but this is only one benefit of Yoga practice.

Yoga and Flexibility For Men

Yoga classes may sometimes seem unwelcoming towards men. There are usually women in these classes with very few, if any, men. Sometimes there is a preference for these classes to be women only spaces. Therefore Men are often put off going to such classes. I would like to encourage men to enjoy Yoga practice and flexibility work, in any way they can, if in a class, via personal training or online.


If you would like to develop your Yoga practice or flexibility training or enjoy these alongside Personal Training contact me to arrange your consultation and trial.

Mental Health, Peace and Connection

Our sessions will focus on stretching and movement with connection to breath. We'll hold restoratives postures in Yoga and stretches in Flexibility Training and move through slow flow sequences or stretching routines.


These Yoga and flexibility sessions are an opportunity to give ourselves time out from our often hectic daily routines. They will help us to still our minds and be present in our bodies. There will be no judgements made and you'll be carefully guided in your journey. 

Yoga Nidra - Meditation and Guided Relaxation

Yoga Nidra - also known as Yogic Sleep, is an extremely powerful meditation technique. Yoga Nidra is typically practiced lying down on your back.


It is intended to support you be reach a state of total relaxation and is extremely restorative. Yoga Nidra takes you deeper into an altered state of consciousness, a state between asleep and awake.


Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Yoga Nidra has been used to help soldiers from war cope with PTSD.


To understand the dimensions of Yoga Nidra it needs to be experienced. I offer Yoga Nidra sessions and would be glad to take you on this special journey.

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