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Health and Fitness Belongs To Everyone

When training my clients I understand that they often do not label themselves as 'athletes'. They would simply like to have much better and more stable energy levels, feel happier, and enjoy more confidence, whilst staying healthy and with a body shape which makes them feel great.


My clients want to be part of a health and fitness world that they previously felt was not a place for them and they no longer want to miss out on the endless benefits of an active life-style. They are busy people doing their best in their lives with work, family, friends, studies and a million other considerations but still manage to effectively make huge gains and progress with their health and fitness goals.


I love introducing all these new opportunities to my clients who are experiencing lifting weights and moving their bodies in a structured way, very often for the first time. I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to introduce people into this exciting world of health and fitness and watching their confidence grow, as they move quickly and safely towards their goals.

Gay Friendly Personal Training


Great health and fitness also belongs to the LGBT community. As a gay personal trainer, I am fully aware that some gay people often meet more barriers than the general population to being healthy and active.


These worrying stats speak for themselves. '55% of LGBT men were not active enough to maintain good health, compared to 33% of men in the general population' find out more & 'Lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults are more likely than heterosexuals to suffer chronic health conditions' find out more.

Having volunteered with gay charities, where I've supported LGBT people with their health and fitness needs and also having volunteered with the charity Switchboard, and also via my own personal experiences dealing with gay issues, I have seen and been able to understand these barriers, first hand.

Start Today with a Complete Personal Training Package


With my 10 years + personal training experience, I offer support with a life-style that can balance all these factors and get you transformative health and fitness results, helping you to feel better than ever before - better than you can imagine.


Whatever your age, fitness level, size, body shape, or training experience - even if you're a total beginner and never taken a step inside a gym.. It is possible and you can start now.

Contact me to enquire about available and start your health and fitness journey today.