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Personal Training
-Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer- 

North London


Friendly and Effective Personal Training in North London 

I'll meet you where you are. I train people who are beginners as well as clients with a number of years experience. Regardless of your level of expertise and experience with training, gym, health and fitness, you will be supported with your training program, and be pushed to the next level, whilst ensuring your technique is effective and safe.

You will receive full attention in the one to one personal training sessions and I'll be on hand to receive any messages and answer any of your questions outside of our sessions.

We'll work closely towards your goals, whether that be for fat loss, muscle gain, strength, flexibility or general health conditional. Your goals will always be our priority and each week you should see yourself move towards your goals in good time.

Nutritional support is also important. We will ensure that we make this area as easy as possible for you, with small changes leading to big results. One way we can improve your nutrition is by looking at your food diary. We can do this every few weeks as we monitor your progress and look at any areas which need more attention.

As when working towards any goal there are times when you may feel less or more motivated. This is absolutely normal. Working together we'll find ways to keep you on track,  encouraged and making progress, even when life does sometimes inevitably get in the way.

Is Personal Training For You?


I work with both beginners and with clients who have many years of experience. I also work with all age groups including seniors, abilities levels and personalities.


Our personal training sessions will be designed so that they are right for you - the right challenge level, meeting your preference needs and always keeping your personal training goals in mind. 


My wide experience and knowledge base equips me to meet your health and fitness needs, leading you towards being the best version of your self.

Personal Training Health and Fitness Goals

Weight Loss: Many of my clients are looking for weight and fat loss results. See testimonials here.


Muscle and Strength Gain: Clients often come to me with the goal of toning up and increasing muscle mass. We will work with effective resistance training methods.  

Support with Nutrition: As we work together you will feel more empowered and confident, applying healthy eating practices. We'll make simple and effective changes to your nutrition intake and habits. As a Vegan personal trainer I can also support you with plant based nutrition.

Yoga and Flexibility: Many clients come to me hoping to feel more open in their body and flexible, as well as to enjoy the mental benefits that Yoga style stretches and flexibility training can bring. 


Back Pain and Injury Avoidance: I specialise in reducing and managing Lower Back Pain. 

Improve Skills and Knowledge: You will learn safe and effective exercise technique, training methods to support you towards your goals and improved motor skills. You'll learn an extensive library of exercises and how to keep your training varied and fun. 

Mental Health: Personal Training can support good mental health. Training releases mood boosting chemicals into the body whilst reducing stress levels. Our sessions will have a positive impact on self-esteem, confidence levels and will put you back in the drivers seat of your life. 

Improve Energy Levels: With better exercise and nutrition practices you'll see your energy levels improve and stabilise. Improved sleep, more focus and fewer daytime energy slumps are just some of the benefits you'll see.

We'll keep Personal Training as simple as possible. We'll stick to what works best with no military fitness style training or butt-kicking in sight. No foods which you don't like or routines that don't suit your lifestyle.


Health and Fitness can be part of a balanced life style - not a miserable life chore.

My Personal Training services are open for everyone. If you are:

  • Looking for a complete training experience. You do not need to seek different experts when working towards your health goals as I offer everything under one package, therefore at no extra cost to you. Enjoy custom training sessions with nutrition, yoga, flexibility work, lifestyle tips and coaching.

  • Beginner Level. I regularly work with beginners. My aim is to make personal training sessions friendly and welcoming for all, regardless of your experience and level of expertise in this area.

  • You have felt unwelcome elsewhere. I strive to support everybody with their goals. I actively support and welcome members from the LGBTQ+ community - find out more about gay friendly personal training here.

  • Seniors. I have experience working with all different age groups, and people with a range of mobility concerns and fitness levels. From chair based training, flexibility work to core strength development - I am certified and experienced to meet your needs. Find out more about Personal Training for Seniors.

  • You are Vegetarian, Vegan or transitioning to a plant based diet. As a Vegan Personal Trainer for over 5 years, and certified in the area of nutrition, I can support you with your nutritional intake. I understand and know Vegan, Vegetarian or plant based diets and will support you to thrive and make progress in your health goals.

  • You simply want amazing transformative results. As a Level 4 Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience, I am the right person to guide you towards transformative health and fitness results, effectively, easily and in good time.

What Personal Training Techniques Will We Use?

We will use a range of techniques and approaches depending on your goals, likes, dislikes and interests. Most of our session will be based around traditional strength training techniques using dumbbells and barbells, focusing on compound exercises such as squats, lunges, chest presses and deadlifts.


Our training sessions will include core stability work, with planks, core rotation work and twists. Functional Training with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises will also add variation and balance to our sessions. Pad-work, suspension training bands, resistance bands and medicine balls are always good fun too.

We'll work together to perform exercises which and simple and effective.

How It All Works

Firstly, contact me to arrange a consultation and trial session. Here we'll find our more about you and your goals. 

If you're ready to kickstart your training then we'll work together, week by week. Some independent training alongside our Personal Training sessions may be required depending on your circumstances - I will support you with these.


We'll keep a record on your progress using smart scales and keep each other regularly updated. We'll also record your strength progress by noting the weights you are using in the sessions. We'll work together to improve your nutritional intake by monitoring your food diaries on a regular basis. I'll do my best to keep you motivated and support you through any barriers you may face.

Flexible Personal Training Option

My aim is to make personal training welcoming, simple, flexible and convenient for you therefore  I offer;

Online Personal Training- If you can't come to me, for training in North London, then let's train in your living room with Online Personal Training via Zoom or Skype - find out more here.

Personal training with me offers the full package; custom designed personal training sessions, nutritional support including plant based and life-style tips and guidance with a holistic approach to meeting your goals. All of this, from a welcoming, friendly and private space in  Arnos Grove, North London. 

Certification and Experience


I am proud of my extensive knowledge, certification and experience in the health, fitness and well-being industry.

As an Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience, I will be by your side to support you.


  • Personal Trainer - Advanced Level 4 - Premier Fitness Training - Specialist Area: Management of Lower Back Pain - Active IQ

  • Diploma in Teaching Yoga - YMCA Fit

  • Diploma in Chair Yoga Teacher Training -  Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association (CTAA)

  • Yoga Nidra Facilitators Course - Teacher Training Course Online - Udemy

  • Personal Trainer Level 3 and Advanced Instructor Diploma - Future Fit Training

  • Diploma in Exercise Referral - Level 3 - Active IQ

  • Anatomy & Physiology - Premier Fitness

  • Circuit Training - Future Fit Training

  • Kettlebells - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Padwork For PTs - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes - Active IQ

  • Suspension Fitness - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Torso Training and Core Stability -Future Fit Training

  • Nutrition and Weight Management (Refresher) -Premier Training

  • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise - Future Fit Training

  • Life Coach - Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching - Animas Training 

  • Life Coach - IAP Career College

  • Reiki Master Level - The Usui System of Natural Healing - City Lit

  • Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification - Udemy


Health and Fitness Accreditations

  • The National Register of Personal Trainers

  • The Register of Exercise Professionals


Other Relevant Experience

  • Volunteer experience with charity Gay Switchboard

  • Volunteer fitness and health experience with Gay / LGBT charity Wise Thoughts

  • Supporting people with life coaching methods to overcome their limitations

  • Volunteer work with Vegan charity.

Health and Safety

  • Award in Emergency First Aid at Work  - Level 2 - Active IQ


Public Liability Insurance

  • Current

Languages Spoken

  • English

  • Greek - (Greek Cypriot heritage, hello to my Cypriot friends out there). I'll need to be warmed up a little but I'll definitely be able to support you in our training sessions in the Greek language.

  • Spanish - Very basic, I'm learning!

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