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personal training testimonials


Here is a very small sample of clients I have supported to get into shape, to be healthier and to feel re-newed.


You can expect to see noticeable changes within weeks of starting your personal training sessions. The proof is in the pudding - you'll see results pretty fast.

Firstly, let's start with my own fitness journey!


Seeing as you're putting your health and goals into my hands, I'd like to show you that I have also had to make changes in my life to achieve a body which is healthier and I feel much more confidant in. I'm also much more energetic.


My changes below were over a period of two years.

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vegan body transformation

James, London


"...So it came as much as a surprise to me, as it did my friends, when the best present I could have received was from a personal trainer named Marios..." Read more here

Personal trainer transformation north london

Dona, London


On my 29th birthday I decided enough was enough... I was at my heaviest weight ever and really not happy about it.


I was ready to lose weight and needed the best personal trainer. Quick google search and I found Marios.


Marios soon found that I still wanted a busy social life, that there'd still be a couple of alcohol fueled weekends and that not so healthy Saturday night takeaway.


He did not try to take that all away from me, but rather gave me ideas and suggestions of life-style changes I could make to still have a great time and lose weight at the same time! It worked.


Nonetheless, I soon developed a new relationship with food and drink and was no longer feeling the need to eat and drink all the unhealthy things I had been, as I started to understand the effect this had on my body and mental health.

Thank you for giving me the tools to make much needed changes.

Results shown: 6 months

lose fat friendly personal training

Sally, London


I had always been intimidated by the idea of a personal trainer, but, rather than the stereotypical shouting PT, Marios is far more sensitive to what motivates me individually.


He is a friendly and encouraging personal trainer. This approach has led to sustainable lifestyle changes, and I genuinely look forward to each session! My weight is down, my body fat is down, I am feeling much more toned and my stomach is tighter.

As a vegan myself, it was also great to have support from a vegan personal trainer who understood some of the tricky bits of this life-style and also had the nutritional knowledge to ensure I had all the nutrients in my diet.

Result shown: 6 months

body transfomation women personal trainer london

Sarah*, London


I lost so much weight after losing all hope, with the other personal trainers. Marios worked so effectively, the weight poured off me! Each week, my weight was coming down on the scales,


Marios really made it easy for me, with fun sessions and always pushing me hard, and really cool nutritional techniques, breaking it all down so its easy to understand and follow, each week.


It's nice to hear kind comments from friends, family and colleagues, as they see me progress. I feel like a totally different person and I still can't believe that person in the 'before' photo was me!

Results shown: 12 months

*not real name

fat loss personal trainer north london

Junaid, London


Anyone looking to lose weight or just to get healthier I can't recommend Marios enough. Marios worked with me for 5 months and completely changed my life.

Read more here.

Results shown: 5 months

weight loss personal trainer

Julien, London


"I wanted to gain weight, healthily, without too much of the extra body fat...


and Marios helped me to do this and to keep the weight on. I feel stronger in myself like I have a more solid foundation, more presence. Personal training with Marios worked perfectly along side my love of yoga."

Results shown: 6 months

personal training transformation

Asad, London

"With help from Marios, I managed to reduce my bodyfat and gain muscle mass"..


I feel much stronger. Both my upper and lower body strength have increased hugely. My shoulders are more rounded with bigger arms, chest and back. I have much less fat around my belly area, which makes me feel lighter.


I no longer get a mid-day slump and crash at lunchtime. When the weekend comes by i'm ready to socialise and do whatever needs to get done, whereas before I started training with Marios I would want to sleep and watch netflix.


Marios turned my energy and fitness levels around through personal training sessions which were a little different each time and with excellent nutritional advice. His nutritional tips were always fair and did not expect me to change my diet over night.


I am surprisingly, yet slowly working my way towards a plant based diet and Marios is helping with great tips and suggestions. You will not see a drop of cows milk in my fridge anymore."

Results shown: 5 months

personal training get in shape

Stevan, London

"Amazing to get such results in such a short time, I'm now almost Plant Based too"


Marios introduced me to different concepts such as intermittent fasting. I also cut back on my meat and dairy intake and I'm now very almost fully Vegan. Maybe 2022 is the year I go 100% plant based.


My job was to show commitment towards my goals, implement the guidance that Marios carefully offered me, turn up to sessions and the results showed up too, week after week.


The best thing about getting these results were that it did not feel like hard work. I still enjoy my food, I always feel full and satisfied, and I still get to eat out and spend time with friends and family.


It feels odd that people are asking me for exercise tips and nutritional advice, when just several months ago, I had absolutely no clue about where to start. I look forward to seeing where my results go over the next few months, as my body continues to take shape.

Results shown: 6 months

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personal training weight loss
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