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Free unguided meditation group in North London  gay friendly

New- Small Group Meditation in Arnos Grove, North london- Unguided, All Welcome - Gay LGBT+ Friendly


Let's hit pause on the reps and start a free, unguided meditation group in North london.

This is simply a few people meeting up to generate the calm and tranquility of meditation, for an hour.


Why Meditation?

Because life can be busy and stressful, and we all need a breather.

Less stress, less mental chatter.


Through meditation we can gain new perspective, increase self-awareness, increase our creativity and compassion, help improve our sleep, build discipline to support ourselves to make better choices in our lives. Meditation changes our brain.


There are countless scientifically backed benefits to meditation. For me, personally I am mostly attracted to the spiritual benefits of meditation. Recently, i went to a Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat and I enjoyed it and benefitted a lot from this experience. 


How Will it Work?

These sessions are unguided, meaning it's your time to meditate without someone telling you how. Your meditation, your rules. I can offer suggestions but these sessions are non guided. I am simply offering a space where a couple of people can come together to meditate.


The meditation duration will be 1 hour. This is quite advanced.


Why Group Meditation?

The collective energy of a group or community (Sangha) can be very encouraging and support us on our own personal meditation and / or spiritual journey. 


-When - Message me, let's discuss
-Where - My Arnos Grove gym studio
-Duration - 1-hour (plus a little more around the meditation.
-What to Bring - Just yourself and your calm energy.


Who's Invited?

Everyone! But not too many of you.. the ideal group size will be 3 or 4 people.


As always, I make a particular point of offering a safe and friendly space for all.


Gay / LGBT+ friendly.


Why Am I Doing This?

I've seen meditation work wonders, and I want to share that. I don't meditate enough and I feel that if I had a supportive and committed community of fellow meditators, I would meditate more regularly. Maybe this is the same for you? if so, we can all benefit.


How to Join?

Message me on whatsapp 07739-418-718 and we'll go from there.



This is a new group, it's very informal and i'd like to highlight this isnt a meditation course. I'm simply looking for other people who would benefit from a group meditation setting. Im simply providing the space.


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