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Online Personal Training via Zoom or FaceTime - UK & International Clients are Welcome.


Though most of my clients are back in the studio, enjoying one to one Personal Training sessions, a fraction of my clients are choosing to stick to Online Training sessions via Zoom or FaceTime. In fact I've not seen some of my clients in Person since March 2020 when the pandemic reared its ugly head and changed our lives. Thankfully Online Personal Training has shown itself to be effective which is why it has proven to be so popular.


In other instances I'm training clients with a mix of in-person sessions and online personal training. For example some clients choose to isolate before a trip and opt for online personal training sessions in that period or when clients go abroad for work or on holiday, its a great option for them to maintain a level of consistency with their sessions. I've trained some clients in hotel rooms in some very far flung locations.I have trained clients in Birmingham, Cambridge, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and the United States.

As with in-person Personal Training you'll also benefit from my skills and experience in the areas of nutrition, flexibility and flexibility and coaching. These are all included as part of your Personal Training Package.


There are many benefits to Online Personal Training. These include;


  • Comfort of own home - Be anywhere in the world. International clients are welcome.

  • Nutrition Support Included - Vegan & plant based.

  • Custom Training Sessions

  • No Equipment Required (but can be useful!)

  • Small Spaces are Fine

  • Feeling fully supported, wherever in the world you are, you can be yourself - LGBT+ clients are welcome!


If you find it hard to travel for your Personal Training sessions, wish to save on travel time or simply prefer to train from home, or are often travelling, then Online Video Call Personal Training is for you.

We'll work towards our goals using Zoom or FaceTime  During these online virtual sessions, we'll work at a pace that is right for you. Exercises will be adjusted for your ability and your mobility level. We'll also be able to keep an eye on your form and technique so you can stay safe and injury free.


Personal Training Online will ensure you remain accountable, keeping up your training sessions and challenging yourself to ensure you're making steady progress towards your health and fitness goals.

No equipment is required for our Online Personal Training - though if you any equipment that's great too. A pair of light dumbbells can go a long way.

Online Personal Training can also include nutrition support with lifestyle tips and advice, to maximise your results through balanced nutrition intake.

Let's do this!