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Yoga classes for men in north london

Yoga for Beginners in North London


These one to one beginner yoga classes with me, will stick to the foundations of Yoga.


We'll focus on practicing with good and safe form.


Enjoy a relaxing, private space where we can experience the healing, meditative energy that yoga can bring.


If you have; poor flexibility, not liked the idea of going to a yoga class and /or have been put off yoga classes in the past, then it's time to book in a yoga session with me. 


Men are Welcome 


From my own experience visiting Yoga classes, as a certified yoga teacher myself, I've often been the only male in the class.


I've often found myself almost considering whether I should ask for permission to be there, like I've interrupted a private group. There are also countless classes advertised as 'Yoga for Women Only'.


Fortunately, in very recent times, I have seen a shift where more men are enjoying the benefits of Yoga practice.


It is definitely becoming more accessible for all.


The fact remains that many people, especially men are missing out on Yoga practice and its huge health and life-style benefits.


This is due to an often intimidating and unwelcoming nature of most spaces, which are geared towards competitive Yoga and simply the physical movements.


Yoga is not about competition or standing on your head!


I hope to encourage you build your practice and confidence, to feel comfortable to visit classes in future or to develop your own yoga practice. 



Benefits of practicing Yoga 


Injury reduction & prevention,

Better flexibility,

Building strength and muscle,

Back strengthening,

Stress reduction,

Feeling more present and peaceful,

Supports better sleep

If you've never stepped on a yoga mat (especially if you've never stepped on a yoga mat) then these classes are for you.


Judgement free, attitude-free, inclusive, comfortable, supportive, gentle, peaceful and enjoyable.

These yoga sessions are especially suited for beginners, looking for a friendly approach to their practice.

Contact me today to arrange your yoga first session, in a private one to one studio space, in Arnos Grove, North London.


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