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2021 Health & Well-Being Motivation Top Tips

It's not long into January so we may need some extra support to keep the New Year Resolutions going.

Here are my top tips:

- Break Your Workout or Task Down into Manageable Chunks

The one hour workout is not necessary. If the chances are you aren't going to workout out for an hour 4-5 times per week for the long term, then bin this idea now. What about 20 minutes per day? Can you see yourself achieving that each day? If so, you want to consider going even further when breaking this down. Within your 20 minute workout it's great to mentally register your progress. Say to yourself 'I'm there, I did the 1 minute plank!' It's very useful to acknowledge the small achievements within that small time workout. Then you would work towards the next small step. This gives you the dopamine boost to keep on fuelling your workout.

I've been doing some reading from scientist Dr Andrew Huberman and from his teachings I have incorporated this into my own workouts. For example if I'm heading out for a run, I'd always have my next marker mentally mapped out, for example I'd say to myself 'my next step is to make it to those trees on the other end of the park'. This keeps the brain fuelling the task in hand, again and again, preventing quitting! Once I got to the trees I'd think to myself 'I made it to the trees' and then consider my next small step to continue with my days running goal.

- Take Proper Restorative Breaks in your Day

There are times in our day when we are not being productive or simply busying ourselves which is absolutely great - if we are actually using this time as proper downtime and recovery time.

Consider some deep relaxation approaches including ensuring you are getting a good nights sleep, meditation practices or breathing practices. This will ensure you have the mental and physical capacity restored to hit your goals the next day.

Proper recovery time is very under-estimated in our society. Your body should naturally want to move and engage with goals and development if it is given the right fuel to thrive, including rest - of course as well as proper nutrition and exercise.

- Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself makes you feel deflated, low energy and anxious. Typically we compare the perceived best aspects of someone else's lives with the weaknesses of our own. This is extremely energy sapping.

Consider reducing social media time if you are using social media in an unhelpful way - such as scrolling and looking at strangers profiles and their fabricated lives. If you are to spend time on social media look up motivating content that gets you excited and energises you to move forward. You can do this by following people or pages that support you towards your goals or that are of real interest to you.

You'll soon find that your confidence increases and you'll be much more likely to move your life in a direction which makes you naturally happier.

- Start A Journal to Record Your Goal Progress

I find it useful to record my progress with a journal. Here I can celebrate my wins and work through my down moments. When I've had inspiring thoughts or read something that inspired me I'll write this down and consider how I can use this for my own situation.

On the other hand when I'm feeling unmotivated or uninspired I'll use my journal to record my thoughts and figure out why this may be. Maybe I'm simply over tired or being a little tough on myself or need to consider another way forward. Usually when I've written down my concern the way out materialises. This just requires a little awareness and a little self challenge. Another way a journal may help is that it may help you to remember why your goal was important to you in the first place.

- Learn More

There are people around who simply know a lot more about a topic of interest or areas you want to develop in than you do. These people are in books and online etc and they're sharing their knowledge with the world. They are also sharing their passion which is often contagious.

Sometimes I go on YouTube and trust that its creepy algorithms will direct me to the next video or influencer who will share with me what I think I'm looking to find out or a little motivational burst to carry me forward to the next step.

I also find taking courses to be really motivating. I'm a bit of a course-oholic but this doesn't need to be an expensive pursuit. There are courses online for free and also programs you can follow. This whole process of learning motivates me, especially if you go through the process with a group of like-minded people.

These are some of the ways I keep myself motivated.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and found them useful! All the best with your goals in 2021.



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