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9 Top Tips - How To Be Vegan

I've been Vegan for maybe 5 years now and I've never felt happier and healthier than I do now. I feel like I'm making a solid contribution to the world every day by the choices I make.

To be honest, I find being being very easy, though I remember the days when I first started, and I def could have had a handy 9 Top Tips List. Here is one list I've prepared for you;

Tip Number 1:

Understand Why People Choose a Vegan Life Style. Ultimately Veganism is about not abusing / exploiting animals. Once you start to look into Veganism you'll see just how much harm us humans do but also how easy it is to not do it anymore! Find out more about why people chose to go Vegan here.

There are also some powerful documentaries to watch, here are just a few;

The Game Changers

What The Health


Live and Let Live


Forks Over Knives

Tip Number 2

Feel Part of the Change. If you're anything like me then you probably haven't come across to many Vegans - especially not in real life! Vegans are a friendly bunch and there's nothing more that Vegans enjoy but to connect with other Vegans. Here are some ideas of how you can connect.

- you're on my page so reach out to me, do you have any questions about healthy Vegan eating?

- follow some inspiring Vegans on facebook or instagram - my favourites include Nimai Delgado, Earthling Ed, James Aspey, Lucy Watson, BOSH, Deliciously Ella, Tabitha Brown - just to name a few!

- join some Vegan pages on facebook, these may seem a bit scary at first as there are a bunch of passionate people with strong views but overall a supportive space.

- go to a meet up group in your local area.

- reach out to a charity and see how you can help, my go to is Animal Equality UK

Tip Number 3

Do Something Easy Today Towards a Vegan Life. Grab the low hanging fruit! I typically suggest to my clients that they change their milk. My favourite plant based milk is Oatly Barista Style (the one in the grey carton) or the Minor Figures one. These mix well with tea and coffee, great or cereals and shakes etc. Many people are initially put off because they try a plant based version which doesn't suit them, for example they may try Almond milk in their tea and it simply doesn't sit right or that brand curdles or it changes the taste too much. Other easy changes could be changing your morning 'butter' spread to a plant based one or changing your mince meat to a plant based one. You would hardly notice the changes - in fact you'll probably feel better!

If you're looking for more support towards a Vegan life these organisations have you covered;

Tip Number 4

Check Out Your Vegan Options. First remember that you're not totally new to Vegan food, you've been eating Vegan foods since you were a baby! Fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds. This is why eating Vegan food is very cheap and easy contrary to popular belief. In fact instead of limiting my options, I've been eating a much larger range of foods since being Vegan. None the less I do enjoy my alternatives and why should we! Though Veganism can be healthier than a non Vegan diet, it's actually not about health and you can have some really unhealthy Vegans, just like a large fraction of non Vegans are extremely unhealthy.

Head onto your favourite supermarkets website and check out their options. Starting with the meat alternatives; I love these brands;

- Beyond Meat (the beyond burger and sausage) - though pricier its a great juicy alternative if looking for an option which tastes like 'the real thing'.

- Oumph - should be able to find this brand easily now.

- Supermarkets own brands - Tesco's Plant Chef. In fact all supermarkets have picked up their games with Vegan foods. Of course their supply chains are some of the biggest concerns when it comes to how animals are treated and in the mean time we can also push them to change.

Tip Number 5

Remember That Veganism Is More Than Just Food. Veganism is a lifestyle choice - the decision to do less harm when possible. There are plenty of ways you can support animals and not just the ones you've left off your plate. The daily choices I make go a long way such as;

- Avoiding wool and leather - so easy, simply opt for the bamboo or cotton t-shirt or the faux-leather or cork wallet - no biggie.

- Purchasing items which have not been tested on animals. Many companies shun animal testing these days. For example I like reducing harm to the environment as well as the animals when I make cleaning product purchase options. For my general cleaning product I use Koh.

or Ecover. Same with my deodorant, I use a natural one called Fit Pit but the choice is endless.

- I avoid Zoos, these are extremely depressing space. Here's why I avoid zoos and also other spaces where animals are exploited for example not riding donkeys or camels.

Tip Number 6

Yes, You Can Give Up The Cheese! Many non Vegans cite their love for cheese as the reason they won't go Vegan but it's so easy to find alternatives. Remember that cheese is designed by nature to be addictive in order to bring the cows offspring back to the tit. Find out how more here and about how you can overcome cheeses powerful grip

Some people say Vegan cheese just isn't as good (of course because it's not addictive!) but I say check out some of these brands before you decide;

- The Vegan Kind Supermarket for more cheese options

Remember that cheese and meat alternatives do not need to be seem as trying to replicate the dairy cheese and animal flesh meat. They are doing their own thing and creating their own styles which are even tastier than the former.

Also, just say you really found it extremely difficult to overcome the pull cheese has, it doesn't mean you cant save animals in other ways in the meantime. Many people say 'I'd go Vegan if it wasn't for cheese' but then carry on eating meat. It doesn't necessarily need to be 'All or Nothing'.

Tip Number 7

Go Easy On Yourself. Especially when starting out you'll make a mistake or two. You'll eat something with milk in it, your gran will make you a meal in your early Vegan days with meat in it and you'll cave to pressure and eat it etc It doesn't matter, remember that it's about doing your best to do as little harm as possible.

People closest to you may even try to trip you up as you hold a mirror to their actions.

Please don't quit! It does get easier and as you learn more about Veganism you'll absolutely love it.

I'm always happy to chat informally with you if you need some extra support with your steps towards Veganism. Please contact me if so!



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