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A Week Of Plant Based Vegan Breakfast Ideas

I've sourced together a simple weekly breakfast plan to suggest some simple ideas - hopefully some will be new to you. I've opted for relatively healthy suggestions which are geared towards healthier eating. Hopefully this plan will show you how accessible, wonderful and easy plant based breakfast can be.

These meals will provide a great start to your day. I reckon you'll also feel much lighter, more energetic and very soon soon a number of other health benefits as you incorporate more and more plant based eating into your life - better skin, healthier heart health and the feeling of doing better for the world and all its inhabitants.

Obviously you can cherry pick the breakfast ideas you like and leave the others. Even though these recipes are easier ideas I always suggest that there's no need to be too strict when following the ingredients & methods.. this depends on your preferences.

Here we go.


Breakfast: Tofu Scramble.



Breakfast: Banana Breakfast Oats


Breakfast: Protein Berry Super Bowl:


Breakfast: Muffins with Muesli and Pecans:


Breakfast: Vegan Protein Pancakes:


Breakfast: Chia Seed Pudding:


Breakfast: Green Smoothie:

Did you give any of these ideas a go? If so, let me know how they went down.


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