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Automate Your Food and Your Way to Great Health

Improving our health can be done with less effort than we may expect. Here I will share with you some of the ways that I automate and systemise my food in order to make healthier living easier and more consistent.

Healthy Eating Delivered

I'm not interested in popping to my local Morrisons in Palmers Green. The self checkout machines are oddly more hassle than the long queues with the checkout staff, the covid risks and the temptations to go off plan and buy lots of vegan sweet tooth goodies often prevail.

This is why I get a weekly delivery of fruit and veg. I opt for a system where I don't have to keep re-ordering each week, but instead I receive my delivery automatically.

The companies I use are 'Odd Box' and sometimes I use 'Abel and Cole'. In the example of Odd Box I go for a large box of fruit and veg and it is more than enough to see me through to the following week. I also feel great ordering this box as it has some good sustainability credentials. The price is also fair.

I don't mind cooking too much, though I don't enjoy spending too much time cooking and I'm an 'all in one pot' kind of person. If I was less interested in cooking by a tiny fraction I'm sure I would also have my meals delivered - fully prepared! This option always remains on my radar.

Having fully prepared meals or meal boxes delivered can be pricey but if it means eating better and saving time and energy then that's something I'm willing to put my money towards. I guess it's all about our individual priorities and how we get on with meeting our health and fitness goals without such delivery systems in place.

If you are looking for a delivery service one that springs to mind is 'Allplants'. I did use them at one point, though I personally found the portions a little small and went back to home cooking. There are many other companies that can offer you healthy plant based meals which you can either prepare at home such as Gusto food box or companies where you literally just stick the prepared food in the oven or microwave. Some of these companies have good health credentials, using whole foods and with good balanced macros. A little research and consideration is required on your part when making such a decision.

I definitely feel that getting a systemised plan in place to support your healthy eating patterns could be great if you are having trouble eating well and balanced.

I come from a cultural (or maybe simply a family background) where my parents, grandparents etc would never consider such a thing, to not prepare all their foods at home from scratch but things have changed. Thankfully most of us have a little more disposable income to afford us the opportunity to consider such options. Unfortunately most of us are over-busying our lives so are neglecting healthy eating patterns making such actions of ordering our food in, a really pretty reasonable solution.

If you are looking to start having meals or meal boxes delivered you may want to consider the following;

  • Are the meals healthy and moving you towards your healthy eating / healthy living goals?

  • Is the price sustainable for you to maintain this system in place for a duration of time that will support you towards your goal?

  • Will you enjoy the foods that are offered?

  • Are the foods cruelty free a.k.a Vegan? It's always great to support a company that offers sustainable and plant based options.

Make life easy for yourself whilst also making your way towards your health and fitness goals.

Ease and meeting your goals can and should always go hand in hand.



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