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Make a Difference Every Day By Choosing Vegan

With a Vegan diet its absolutely astounding how much positive difference someone can make to the planet and to the animals we share this planet with and to their own health.

Let's look at this on a small scale - just one day being Vegan;

One day being Vegan saves;

- Over 1000 gallons of water

-30 square foot of forest

-40 lbs of grain

-20 lbs of CO2

- 1 animals life

and more!

Find out what difference you can make, by using this Vegan Calculator

For example in the time I have been Vegan I have saved over 1,500 animals lives. (If I'm honest probably more with my appetite).

That's pretty incredible if I say so myself. All those chickens, fish and cows that didn't have to endure confinement, pain and suffering simply to satisfy my taste buds!

Try going Vegan today! It's the best thing I have ever done.

If you have any questions about going Vegan or plant based, let me know,

I'd be glad to support you with a chat at no cost.

Have a fantastic 2021.



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