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Small Steps Towards Vegan Activism - For the Unlikely Activist

As a Vegan, you're already causing as little harm to animals as practically possible. Nonetheless, sometimes it doesn't seem enough and we want to do more. The more the injustices become clearer the more helpless we feel and the more we want to help to support change.

The idea of being a Vegan 'activist' may sound pretty scary. It doesn't have to be. In fact it can help foster a sense of connection with the ever growing like-minded population of fellow Vegans. Activism can feel fantastic and nothing creates a bigger sense of purpose.

Here are a few ways to get involved in Vegan activism and help to save many animals from suffering and exploitation, which even a 'beginner' level activist like myself can easily do - some can be done from behind a computer screen!

Firstly, find out as much as you can about Veganism. No, you definitely do not need to be an expert but it will raise your confidence to be able to talk about all things Vegan if you know a little more. Simply reading Vegan books, watching influencers on social media or watching YouTube videos can be very informative, depending on the source, of course. There are also some great books out there and websites such as The Vegan Society.

There are so many ways to speak up for the animals, here are just a few.

Post and Re-Tweet Vegan messages

Did an influencer post something that seemed powerful, shocking, informative regarding animal exploitation? Did they post a fantastic new recipe or highlight the environmental or health benefits of going Vegan? If so, then help them to spread the word.

Document Your Own Vegan Experience

Create a blog or social media page dedicated to all things Vegan. This is a great way to get creative, maybe show off some of your Vegan baking skills and to show people the joys of living a Vegan life style.

Wear A Vegan T-Shirt

It's always nice to get people talking. Sometimes I funny or powerful or informative Vegan t-shirt can spark up a conversation or a debate. A t-shirt simply saying 'Vegan' may help people identify what a Vegan looks like (which is like everyone else). This sounds silly but many people have not met a Vegan before. This may help them realise that Veganism isn't so 'extreme' or 'unusual' after all, especially the older generation.

Support Vegan Shops and Products

If you love a Vegan product then let people know. This is especially supportive if the product is from a small company. For example, If I like a product I may post about it on my social media. There's a Vegan shop in Enfield called The Good Kind Supermarket which is local to me, so I wanted to give them a little extra exposure of social media.

Buy Vegan Gifts For Friends and Family

We live in a capitalist society so the more popular Vegan products are the more we'll have more choice and the cheaper they'll be. If you're popping to a friends house for pizza night, take them some Vegan mayonnaise that you came across or a Vegan chocolate brand. This will have double benefit as it will expose Vegan products to your friends and family who may go on to become Vegan or enjoy more Vegan foods in future as they are more familiar with such products. Also this supports the Vegan companies!

Leave Reviews For Vegan Products, Cafes and Restaurants You Love

Help get the word out and support Vegan business in this way.

Also let establishments know that you visited them because they offer sufficient Vegan options or suggest to them that they should expand their Vegan range.

Volunteer for a Vegan Charity or Organisation

On occasion I volunteer for charity Animal Equality. There are many other charities and organisations you can volunteer for. Volunteering may involve outreach, or leafletting or supporting them with data entry tasks.

Anonymous For The Voiceless

Find out about Anonymous For The Voiceless here. They most likely hold a 'Cube of Truth' in your area.

Donate to Vegan Charities

If you're able to donate, this can make a huge difference. Whether a one off donation or a monthly standing order, select the charity which resonates with you the most and support them. Charities do some amazing work to expose the cruelty in factory farms and in the wild, often through undercover investigations. They also pay for billboard and campaigns to support the cause.

Fundraise for Charities

There are thousands of ways to do this. Use your imagination and the sky is the limit and the amount of money you can raise for animals will go a long way.

Join a Vegan or Animal Rights March

There are many that take place each year. Look on Facebook for options near you.

Recommend Books and Documentaries About Veganism That Inspired You

Some that come to mind for me are books by Melanie Joy, the documentary Dominion and Earthlings and Cowspiracy. There are thousands of others.

Start a Business With A Vegan Heart

It brings me joy to support Vegans to further their fitness goals and to support non-Vegans to eat fewer animals and hopefully to become Vegan themselves. What Vegan business could you consider? Maybe you can open a Vegan cafe or sell Vegan candles or Vegan Tshirts. Again, there are so many options for you.

Tell People Your Vegan Story

What led you to become Vegan? Was it for health reasons? Did you make a connection to animal exploitation? Whatever the reason let your story be known and connect with others who may be able to benefit from your experience.

Your actions can support so many animals. Even just planting seeds in peoples heads can go a long way, so don't worry if you feel you're not doing much, you may be doing much more than you realise.

Don't worry about getting things wrong, or not being perfect. That's not what it's about. There will be people who will look to start arguments or even troll you. This may happen, so do your best to not let it upset you. Look for support in the Vegan community as sometimes life can feel lonely without connection to like-minded people. Most importantly, enjoy your Vegan journey.

Do you have any other ideas to support the animals? If so, please let us know in the comments.




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