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Veganism is Easy. Kick Your Bad Animal Eating Habit Today. Advice From a PT

Veganism is really easy.

Making Veganism A Habit

From early on in our lives, we made certain practices into habits - such as the habit of eating animals. We can turn this habit on its head and instead make Vegan practices into habits. Instead of picking up mayonnaise which has eggs in, you can instead put a Vegan mayonnaise in your basket - from Tesco or any other reputable store. Vegan produce are easy to find, where ever you are.

Instead of eating a chicken (which is typically killed at 5 weeks old) you can fill your fridge with Tofu or enjoy Seitan or various beans, or get fake chicken - depending on the brand it tastes like chicken but without causing the death of the animals! You've been eating Vegan food for as long as you can remember, from fruit and veg, grains and legumes. It isn't a foreign concept to you. It also isn't expensive (I've personally found it to be much cheaper than eating produce with animals in and their produce). Easy!

Keep in mind that you simply eat animals because its a bad habit. A habit which was ingrained in you from your parents and society from childhood. You can flip this bad habit today. Everyone eats animals because.. everyone eats animals.

Just like any other bad habit, you can take steps today to change. You alone can make a huge difference to support the rights of other sentient beings to live freely.

The average person will eat 7,000-10,000 animals in their lifetime. Stop that number from increasing, today. Imagine visualising all the animals that you alone can prevent their death, by simply voting with your feet and not purchasing these animal products.

Understanding That Its Not About You But About The Victims

At first Veganism may seem tricky as it feels like you are 'giving up' things like chocolate and eating animals - (quick note - you're not giving up chocolate or animal tasting food because Vegan alternatives exist and are easily accessible as discussed above). When you look at what goes on behind closed doors on farms, when you find out the standard practices of violence that we act on animals in their billions every day in the UK and all around the world, the changes towards Veganism will really not seem substantial after all.

Consider the life of a cow. The cycles of being repeatedly impregnated of a 'rape rack' as its called in the industry. Then having her babies taken away from her, with the mother being visibly distressed for significant periods of time, calling out for her child. If her child is a male, it would typically be considered unprofitable and disposed of in one way or another. If her baby is female she will continue her cycle of being raped and made pregnant through most of her short life, before being considered spent and then slaughtered, once she is seen as not being efficient enough by the farmers.

Behind all the clever marketing with millions of pounds chucked behind the dairy and farmed animal industry, to normalise this mass abuse, there are countless animal victims behind very securely locked doors and barbed wire. Thankfully the treatment of animals has been more and more exposed in recent times thanks to the work of a number of animal rights charities and social media. I personally love the work of charity Animal Equality, who expose this violence and conditions of farmed animals through undercover investigations.

In fact you'll see that the only thing you'll be giving up is violence. You will no longer be part of the cycle of suffering and abuse of animals. Also, you're not giving up anything as the animals bodies or their produce were exactly that, theirs. Not ours.

There is No Logical Reason To Not Be Vegan

There is no excuse for not being Vegan. Consider an excuse and look deeper, honestly within yourself, research and explore your excuses. Are they valid? I can not imagine so. If you are Vegan or considering going Vegan please contact me and tell me about your experiences.

With a few changes to your habits and a new perspective of how you can positively impact the world and its inhabitant, you won't be able to look back. Veganism is the future and the only fair way forward. Like any social movement, we'll look back in horror at such unforgivable exploitation.

Please go Vegan today - for the animals.



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