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Is Vegan Food Expensive? Eat Vegan on a Budget

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

When it comes to budgeting, Vegan food is as expensive as you want it to be, and definitely has the potential to be much cheaper than non-Vegan food. The most affordable foods are Vegan, and healthier, especially when you buy whole foods. In fact, since I become Vegan I have spent much less on food, without much effort when doing so.

Admittedly, if you buy specialist Vegan foods, which I personally still very much enjoy on occasion, they can at times be priced more than their animal produce counterparts but in general animal carcass (meat) and their produce (dairy and eggs) are much more expensive than Vegan foods. Thankfully as demand for Vegan specialist food increases and supermarkets are producing more and more of their own range (Plant Based Kitchen at M&S, the Vegan Sausage Roll at Greggs, Tesco Vegan Burgers or Sausages etc etc etc), the difference in price is negligible.

So, you're ready to take my word for it and see how you can enjoy delicious Vegan food on a budget. Here are some tips to keep to the budget, and even spend much less than you may expect, with a plant based diet;

1. Prepare meals at home. Buying ready made and packaged meals simply costs more, Vegan or not. Eating at restaurants is much more expensive than eating out and on the go. Before you head out, pack some snacks to take with you - fruit or veg and nuts are a good option and you can even purchased some good protein based bars or shakes to take with you on the go. I'm personally a big fan of the product Huel and I often recommend this to my personal training clients as it is Vegan, healthy, eco friendly, convenient and works out at a good price per serving (

2. Have whole foods as the base of all your meals. Whole Pasta, porridge oats, spaghetti, potatoes (including sweet potatoes), couscous, rice, beans and lentils are typically cheaper foods and definitely great to provide your body with many of the nutrients it requires to thrive, whilst filling you up and giving you lots of energy to get to the gym (hehe had to sneak that one in).

3. Shop around. The big supermarkets offer great Vegan products at great prices. Look out for offers. Plant based milks are often on offer, as with items such as Vegan Ice-creams.

4. Enjoy lots of fruit and vegetables. In the UK fruit and vegetables are relatively cheap, especially when purchased in season and in bulk. Use them as snacks in their own right, fruit salads, smoothies etc.

5. Buy a Vegan recipe book, search online for recipes or follow people on social media who offer advice for a Vegan diet on a budget. Here is just one example found with a quick google search for 'Vegan recipes on budget'

6. Avoid waste. A big percentage of our food is thrown out. Reduce waste by freezing food such as bananas which can be used in a smoothie as a later date or by simply planning better and buying what you need. Check the use-by dates, plan meals and use left-overs for lunch the next day.

Vegan food is not expensive and is healthier than a diet that includes animal products. It has never been easier to be Vegan, so start planning your Vegan meal today. With a little research for creative ideas and planning on creating a balanced meal you will never care for eating animals and their produce again.

On average each human eats 10,000 animals each in their life-time. There's a better way forward, a more compassionate way and there are no excuses not to get on board, (and definitely not regarding expense!).

The world and all its inhabitants need us to step up and choose a Vegan way of life.


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