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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Trainer

Getting support from a personal trainer is something that every single person can benefit from. In a perfect world we’d all have a personal trainer.

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years and in that time I myself have benefitted from having a trainer. I had a trainer to support me with my yoga technique after a certified as a teacher. This greatly helped with my technique and also my confidence.

I’ve also had a personal trainer who would teach me some Muay Thai Kickboxing. This introduced me to a whole new discipline and helped to improve my fitness level.

I remember going onto a course a few years back and the tutor asking the room of personal trainers ‘who here has had a personal trainer?’ Very surprisingly most of the hands in the room went up. I can only put this down to the fact that a trainer typically understands the value of having a trainer.

These are just some ways in which a personal trainer can be transformative for you (and me);

A personal trainer will;

1. Help get you into shape!

No more wishing to change. A personal trainer will get the ball rolling, will get you training and will get you pushing out those reps.

2. Hold you accountable.

If you didn’t do your workouts in-between sessions, you’ll have to explain yourself to your trainer. Your trainer is waiting for you at the gym for your session and you need to turn up. A personal trainer will tell you when your weight is going up and will want to work with you to understand why. A personal trainer and a client is like working in a team - you both don’t want to let the other person down, by not pulling your weight.

3. Reduce Risk of injury.

A personal trainer will work with you at a pace that suits you. A trainer will keep an eye on your form and technique, make sure you’re not cutting any corners and executing the movements with control. The trainer will also ensure the weights are suitable and the space is safe, within reason, minimalizing risk of falling or injury. A trainer will also consider your body composition and proportion and will think about whether if there are any muscle groups which are not as strong, or too tight.

4. Keep You Motivated.

A personal trainer may encourage you to get to the gym on the days you really don’t feel like it. Having someone on side to keep you pushing on and to remind you of your goals and why you started in the first place. As you get results, you in turn will become more motivated when you see all the amazing changes.

5. Speed Up Your Results.

A personal trainer is a professional who will work to ensure you get results much faster than you would without support. By providing the means through good advice and exercise technique, you will be on your way to great results. A personal trainer will work with you to ensure you get results which are sustainable. No crash diets and fads here.

These reasons are just the tip of the ice-berg. Personal trainers come with a whole variety of skill-sets which we can draw an abundance of information and wisdom from. They encourage us to do better and to strive for more. They recognise that we still have more left in the tank and to not settle for less than we deserve. Personal trainers can teach us about better nutritional practices, can lift our mood by being a companion and can share their experiences, just as they learn from you as a client.

If you are ready to see what you can achieve, contact me today. Let’s see how we can work together to take you to the next level. Your wishes need not remain a wish. Make your goals a reality.

Contact me about personal training, today!



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