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7 Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training wasn't really something i'd considered before - but the isolation enforced by the Government as it works to get the Coronavirus under control changed the way things are done. Now Online Training will definitely be a 'new normal' - a permanent option for training to offer flexibility to my clients.

As the 'lockdown' was starting to take shape, my clients and I were left wondering what our options were. We were all fully aware of the benefits of keeping up our training and this was even more important in these times. Before we were in enforced isolated my client and friend Alan messaged me saying that we should move to Online Personal Training. I was not convinced and a little hesitant - maybe because I was fearful, a technophobe to some degree. As the days went on, a number of my clients asked for Online Personal Training so it was time to get out of my comfort zone. The results are so far, pretty fantastic;

With a Skype, Facetime or Zoom app we were on our way. Here are the unfolding benefits of Online Personal Training:

1. No Travel Required For My Clients Saving Them Time and Money

This sounds so obvious but I had not realised how useful this is for my clients. Many of my clients come from all over London, from Shepherds Bush, Stratford and Westminster. Now clients were saving time, money and energy and able to work from home from their own living room. Of course, this also allows them to continue Personal Training sessions without putting themselves or their friends and families at risk from the Coronavirus!

2. No Equipment Required

Online Training makes Persona Training easily accessible for everyone as all you need is internet connection and a small space to exercise. We do not need equipment for our online personal training sessions. If you do have equipment then we can make use of this. Resistance tubes are useful, as well as dumbbells and an exercise mat. All useful but definitely not essential for a great workout.

3. An Online Personal Trainer WIll Keep You Motivated and Accountable

If you have an Online Personal Trainer, you will show up and do the work required. A Personal Trainer will keep you motivated and push you towards meeting all your health and fitness goals.

4. Train Smarter

An Online Personal Trainer will ensure that you are training effectively and safely with good form. This will help you to avoid injury and also train at a level which is suitable yet challenging for you. A Personal Trainer can help you adapt exercises to suit your needs.

5. Learn and Develop Your Own Independent Training

You will increase your exercise library and be advised the best exercises to get the best bang for your buck. A trainer will teach you how to perform the exercise in a way to stimulate your muscles more effectively. Then you'll be able to replicate these exercises on your own - if you wish to!

6. Keep It Fun

Enjoy different training methods, keeping you on your toes and your mind stimulated. Personal Training keeps things fresh and exciting.

7. Don't Stop Improving

Use this period to keep pushing forward with your goals. Never step backwards with your health. In the middle of a health crisis we can see better than ever the importance of good health and a healthy immune system.

In the meantime I hope that the Coronavirus will soon be a thing of history and I can once again open my doors for face to face training, as well as the option for Online Personal Training to provide flexibility and choice for my clients.


Contact me today to start your Online Personal Training Sessions. Stop wishing and start doing. Make the changes you've been meaning to make. I am an experienced Personal Trainer with 12 years experience, supporting others to make huge and lasting changes to their health. I can support you too.



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