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At 36 Years Old, My Fitness Training & Health is Changing. Here's How.

I'm 36 and with 40 on the horizon, I've become a little reflective about a lot of things, including how I train and keep healthy on a day to day basis. These factors need to be looked at and adjusted so I can stay on top of my health and fitness. This is what i've been considering;

Changes in my Metabolic Rate

My body's metabolism seems to be slowing down and losing weight, especially around my belly is harder. What i'm doing is my looking at my calorie intake, and aiming to reduce this a little.

I do this by cutting back on snacking and implementing intermittent fasting. I am a huge fan of intermittent fasting. I follow a 16/8 fast where i fast overnight for 16 hours and I eat between the hours of 12-8pm.

I also do strength training, which helps to keep the metabolic rate higher.

Decreased Muscle Mass

It's a little bit harder to maintain muscle as we age as there's a tendency to lose muscle as we age. Fortunately with consistent strength training 2-3x per week I am able to maintain muscle mass. Though it's tough with age it's even more important to do so and there's plenty of scope to develop and maintain muscle mass as we get older.


As we get older our flexibility decreases. I've never been particularly flexible though my flexibility is better than it used to be. I stretch and practice yoga to remain on top of my flexibility. This helps me to reduce the risk of injury by increasing the range of motion at my joint and keeping supple.


I do my best to maintain a consistent training schedule and to review my eating practices. I am to include cardio exercises in my daily routine to keep my heart and bones healthy. I give my body the rest it needs. I feel like I need slightly more rest in my later 30s than I did in my 20s.

I continue to be plant-based. Being Vegan is something I'm extremely proud of and would never change this, even in the case that it wasn't good for my health - though thankfully it is! I tend to eat mainly whole foods and avoid processed foods. Whether you are plant-based or not, this is something I recommend for everyone.

I enjoy getting blood tests 1x per year. If you have specific concerns I recommend you see your GP. The blood tests help me spot any red flags and re-motivate me to act of them. Typically I would see low vitamin D and / or low vitamin B12 coming up as needing addressing and this is usually when i've become lazy at supplementation.

Getting older does come with its increased health challenges but these can all be met - with a few practical changes, some awareness to your bodies needs and ensuring you get plenty of recovery too.

The benefits of staying fit as we get older are countless. Not only for our physical health but our mental health too. If you have not started on a fitness journey yet, I would recommend getting a move on. Being healthy and active can help you to get so much more out of life. Whatever age you are, now is the right time to take care of your body and mind.


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