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Lockdown 2: Finding a New & Better Way Forward.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Another lockdown! This time it feels more unsettling. Yes we were expecting it though it still gives me a funny, uneasy feeling in my stomach. There doesn't really seem to be an end in sight yet to me it seems like a persistent message that we need to stop relying on old patterns and routines. Instead we need to stop and listen and find a new and better way forward.

Beneath the unease there is a hopeful feeling that this is another chance to put an end to the thought patterns and things we do which do not serve us. It's like the universe is saying 'Hey I thought you'd change the first time round but you need another lockdown - another lesson, as you're not listening, you stubborn dinosaur! I'm trying to help you here!'

This time I'm all ears. I'm listening. I'll try and put into words what I'm hearing and it may be useful to you (maybe not, but it's my blog so I'll write what I want).

Here are my Lockdown Number 2 lessons;

- Don't assume you've found the perfect system, the best routine, the most effective way to do things, because something will come along and test it, bend it and usually break it.

The best thing we can do is keep working towards creating an amazing life for ourselves, our friends and family but to do this by being open to change. Do not become to attached to a particular method or approach. There are many paths to the same destination. In fact changing up the path regularly is a great thing to do as the learning process, the adventure and the excitement of doing things differently keeps things fresh.

- Less is more. When lockdown rears its head it helps us to put things in perspective. Whilst we were busy busying ourselves with our crazily stuffed diaries, filled with social plans and pointless appointments, we were doing pretty much everything we could do so we could neglect ourselves - some sort of weird human tendency for self sabotage. Yes, you do it too, how many takeaways have you ordered in the last month, how many workouts have you skipped? Lockdown is a great opportunity to strip back the diary and focus on the important things - and to do this way beyond the lockdown period.

- Stop being a slave to your work. I have noticed that there are no boundaries anymore between personal time and work. Managers are thinking they could take advantage of this pandemic by applying more pressure on their already over-stretched employees. There is a fear in the air as people quietly panic about their career prospects and whether they'll have a job next month. Please step back and reclaim your life and your power.

This is one thing that I've done which I'm really proud of, I've decided to reclaim my time by finishing work early at 2pm each day. This took a lot of courage as I am the sort of person who wants to please people, especially my clients who I am extremely grateful for. Of course they understand. I care about people in my life such as my clients who are also friends deeply, and would love to see them take back power too.

Take time to notice where your own personal time has been eroded. It's not only pressurising employees who are to blame. It may be the distractions of the emails on your phone or a partner or friend who is being an energy vampire in your life.

Where or to who are you giving up your time and power?

- Do the things you want to do. Do you daydream of being able to grab a book and go to a cosy coffee shop and spend the afternoon there or to take a nap each day in the afternoon, to start your own mini business at home or to indulge in your favourite past-time or hobby? Yes. Ok then do it.

Your time is running out. You won't live forever. This virus is reminding us how fragile life is and the need to take up opportunities whilst we can. Not only is life fragile but more so our mental health. We can make ourselves happier if we take the required actions.

You create your life, you are the sum of what you do. Stop making excuses - make changes instead.

- Lockdown 2 is a reminder to stop waiting for life to get back to normal. Normal wasn't that great anyway. Re-shape and re-jig things now whilst change is being forced on us. Stop resisting changes that you've been meaning to make or didn't even realise you wanted to take. Take time at the end of the day to look at your day and think what could you have changed to have made it a better day. What could you have taken out and what could you have put in.

It could be anything from changing where you shop, your morning routine, your habits.

Have you always been curious about going Vegan - well cook your first Vegan meal. Have you always spend 8 hours on your phone each day - well decide that enough is enough and face this addiction. Have you always exercised in a certain way that didn't really work for you or that you didn't enjoy - well look at other options.

No one wants a normal life, a life where we sleep through it, living like zombies and not feeling truly alive. It's time to wake up. This virus is shouting at us, telling us that the way we were living sucked (in parts at least). It's telling us that we deserve to have fun, to feel inspired, to experience great times, to find flow in doing the things we love and less of the things you don't.

Are we finally going to listen?



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