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Partner Training at No Extra Charge

There are a number of benefits to training in a couple or with a friend. Firstly, the motivation that comes with having a friend spur you on and encourage you to put your training shoes on when all you want to do is lay on the sofa and munch on Vegan cookies.

I offer Partner Personal Training sessions at no extra charge. This way you can bring along your partner, friend, sibling (or anyone else you like) and split the cost making getting fit and healthy more affordable and often a lot more fun.

When I've done couple sessions I always find there's a sense of competition which makes each person work that little bit harder,

It is best that you have similar health and fitness goals in mind, maybe you both want to reduce your body fat or both want to gain some more muscle mass, though this is not essential.

Contact me today to start your personal training experience. Bring a partner and let's get moving.



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