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Partner Training – Meet Your Health & Fitness Goals with a Partner

I used to be a little sceptical about partner training. I’ve always worked out by myself and that is what works best for me. When my client suggested that she invite her friend to our regular personal training session, I was originally keen to accept this suggestion as a one off, a sort of novelty proposal, or favour.

To my surprise, the partner training session worked out really well and the sessions have been fun and successful with results on the health and fitness front, rolling in. The partner training was supposed to be a one off, but instead it has become a regular part of our training routine, and we aren’t looking back!

A partner could be anyone - a friend, lover, a colleague, someone at the gym or a family member.

Here are some of the benefits to working out with a partner.

1. Partner Training is Simply More Fun!

Sometimes we take things a little too seriously, I know this myself a little too well! Partner training in my personal training sessions have provided no ends of light amusement.

In my experience personal training as the partners bounce off each other. That’s when the magic really happens. The personal training sessions get a little silly, they get a little competitive, and everyone often finds themselves giggling, but everyone is doing their best, and pushing themselves, and that’s fantastic.

If we can get healthy and have a little laugh whilst doing it too, then that’s a great thing.

2. Training Partners Can Provide Moral Support

Sometimes we need that extra push, and who best to push us than our nearest and dearest? A training partner can pull us to the gym or training session on the days when we least want leave the house.

We are also likely to feel a little guilty if we let our partners down by not going to our training session. Training partners can help us to celebrate the milestones and also help to push us through any stale moments, when the results do not seem to be coming fast enough!

3. Training Partners Can Create That Competitive Element

Let’s face it, when we are working under the gaze of a partner, we don’t want to be outdone. I find that people work harder and they encourage each other on, so it really is win win.

4. Training Partners Hold Us Accountable

‘Put those biscuits down!’ Your partner is your support and will be piping up when you’re at your weakest, when your tired from work and its cold and dark outside and you’re reaching out for your favourite treats.

Your partner can be a great reminder of why you started training sessions in the first place and you can share great tips and advice about your personal experiences.

Keep In Mind

Having a partner for training can be fantastic but, (of course there’s a but), there is a fine line between a supportive relationship that encourages those trips to the gym and a relationship which encourages the other to stay in with netflex and chill.

Your partner will need to be someone who can work towards a goal, and where everyone has their down days where they feel demotivated, that should be the odd day. Partner training is about supporting each other and each person should be able to carry their fair share (or there abouts) of weight.

Now, go ahead, find a partner and make it a fun, supportive, competitive and accountable journey towards meeting your health and fitness goals. As your personal trainer, and your other training partner, I will always be on hand to support you towards your goals.. whether that's by yourself or with your chosen training partner.



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