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Unusual Benefits of Going Vegan

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The benefits of going Vegan are endless. We all know it can be a healthier way of eating, it is better for the environment and that it saves animals for from the confinement and torturous environment of a factory farm… but sometimes we can overlook the (more minor but no less) still pretty amazing less known benefits..

Here are my top 5:

You can save a lot of money!

Plant based foods are simply typically much cheaper than buying animal products. The trick is to stick to the basics, which will prove much kinder to your health and wallet. Enjoy beans, grains, lentils, veg and fruit. Enjoy tinned food and frozen foods. Typically the vegan milk options and the vegan cheese options are a similar price to their animal counterparts. Meat and fish is expensive. Recent studies have found that the amount of money people are saving with a vegan diet is significant, with people spending £750 on meat each year.

Less Chance of Getting Food Poisoning

Two friends were recently complaining about food poisoning. This got me thinking that the only times I had food poisoning were when I used to eat animals! I guess it would be a lot harder to get food poisoning from a lentil soup and veg lasagne than it would be on oysters or chicken. No more clutching the bin, on the floor, through the night hours.

Discovering So Many More Amazing Flavours

I was worried that Veganism meant experiencing a lack of something. That if chicken was taken out of my diet I would have a tough time figuring out what to eat. In fact it’s been the opposite. Going Vegan has encouraged me to look beyond the usual meals and to really expand my horizons. My meals are now much healthier, much more colourful, tastier, lighter and nutrient dense.

It’s A Challenge – It Feels Great

A few years ago, I would have never believed that I could go vegan. People often say to me ‘Oh I could never go Vegan’ but it’s pretty true to say that the large majority of Vegans thought the same about themselves at some point too. I feel proud of my achievements and happy to say I am able to reduce the pain and death caused to other sentient beings and reduce my impact on the environment.

You Realise Vegan Food Is Better Than Animal Based Foods

The Vegan Option on the menu often has more thought behind it. They are more creative and innovative, with more colours and ideas. Flavours are bought out and celebrated and foods are sourced more responsibly and often with organic produce. You also start to realise that cows milk smells like post workout feet and you start to enjoy new flavours such as Hazelnut milk, almond or Cashew. Take the vegan sausage roll at Greggs - most meat eaters would agree it tastes way nicer than the animal version!

There you go, there are some of my favourite benefits of going Vegan. What will be yours?

If you need any support with your Vegan journey, then please contact me, I'd be more than glad to work with you.



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