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Go Easy On Yourself in Coronavirus Lockdown

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

It's in my nature to want to achieve, to be productive and to not 'waste time'. This Coronavirus lockdown almost instilled in me a sense of panic - what if I don't 'do' enough, change enough, improve enough. After a pause I realised that adding stress to an already stressful time is actually counterproductive in itself.

If anything this time should be used to create an inventory of what is important in our lives and to actually scrap the rest. Not to continue adding to our already never ending list of things we need to 'do' and what we 'should be' and to be continuously and unrealistically 'better'.

We are in essence exactly where we need to be. If we allow our thinking mind to quieten, we will be guided to exactly where we need to be. This act of allowing space by inviting in quieter moments of non-doing and allowing ourselves to 'be' will bring in a feeling of contentment and inspiration.

Prioritise your health and that of your families in this time. Moving each day and eating nutritionally balanced meals is the best start. This will provide you with the energy and mental reserve to be able to take on any further inspiration that may come to you. Exercising and developing healthy nutritional practices, as well as the simple daily routine of cleaning, tidying, enjoying our morning coffee, all provide opportunities to quieten the mind and provide a feeling of renewal, peace and connection.

Consider taking away an exhausting all or nothing approach to your tasks. Yes, it is an important goal to work for better health though do not look for transformative changes within a couple of weeks or other unrealistic goals. Work to make small improvements daily, in a sense of enjoyment. Find the best method forward for you for example if you hate jogging then don't go jogging. Is there another activity that will seem more comfortable for you?

Practice social distancing yourself from social media. It can be disheartening to see the visible few posting photos of their daily lives which are really an exaggeration of what they are achieving, glossed up cleverly on social media. Focus on your own achievements, schedule and self-development approaches without comparing them to others. Aim to be in regular contact with the people closest to you, who support and encourage you and who do not put undue pressure and expectation on you, caring for your well-being.

Catch yourself if you are talking negatively to yourself. If you do, change your words with more positive self encouragement. Congratulate yourself for making a healthy meal when the packet of crisps seemed a much more appetising option at the time, for going for a walk when the cold winds were blowing and for hoovering the house when you weren't even expecting any visitors in the lockdown.

Go easy on yourself. Conoravirus is a great equaliser, affecting us all in similar ways. After all we are all stuck at home, and all doing our best. Our worries and fears are similar. You're on your own path as is everyone else - on their own individual path. It will look different for everyone, so remind yourself that your heading in the right way - it's OK to slow down..

All the best, stay well,


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1 Comment

Sep 04, 2021

Apprecciate you blogging this

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