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Take This Opportunity & Run - Running Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown.

Running Tips From Your Personal Trainer

The gyms are shut and your partner at home, or possibly even your children are winding you up..

Like me you've decided its time to use that 'once a day exercise life line' and have decided to take up running during this Coronavirus lockdown period. Running won't cost you a penny, thank goodness as less pennies going around and having access to the parks is one of the few last throwbacks to the life before. Take advantage of this, get outside and run.

Here are some of my favourite tips for safe, effective and fun running;

1) Take It Easy. Do not go from couch to 5k in one day, if you're not ready. If you haven't ran in a long while then keep it short at first. Your knees will thank you. Remember to warm up before your run and to stretch after.

2) Use running shoes - and ones which are not too worn out. Again this will protect your joints, will feel more comfortable and make your movements more efficient. If shops open ever again, you can speak to a specialist about ones which suit your feet.

3) Follow a Safe Path. Do not run somewhere you feel uncomfortable or at a time where you may feel it is more unsafe. During this Coronavirus lockdown the parks are usually quite busy, and are relatively safe spaces in the day - but let your intuition be your guide.

4) Change the Route. We are already living groundhog day in most other aspects of our lives at the moment, so keep running fresh and fun. Who knows what sights you may discover.

5) Use a Running App. Some apps can be very helpful such as the Couch to 5K. There's also a zombie app i hear about, where you hear zombies gaining on you if you fall below your target pace.

6) Social Distancing - 2m. Yes, yes I'm going to say it, social distancing. Keep your distance from others. This may mean lots of swerving and on the grass running. We do live in strange times but we must take the threat seriously, it is real and it's ruining a lot of lives.

7) Go To The Toilet before hand, yes it's a bit of a silly one though the number of times I've had to cut my run short due to needing to run back home for a wee.

The main thing is to have fun and give yourself a pat on the back for getting out and doing something great for your body and mind.

I wish you safe & fun running, stay well. If you're looking for a Personal Trainer running partner, contact me! Thanks.

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May 30, 2022

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