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The Next Pandemic Is Coming - We Can Stop It

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, a post Covid world - or thereabouts. I'm sure it's simply now something we will have to live with. What surprises me over the last several months is the increasing stupidity of humans. Surely, now we should be licking our wounds and asking 'what did we do wrong?' and ' what can we do differently now?' but that's not the case.

We are eager and pretty set on continuing as business as usual and not yet ready to make the glaringly obvious connection between animal exploitation - mainly eating animals and Viruses.

If a mass worldwide scale emergency such as Covid-19 could not stop us in our tracks to make this connection then I have little hope that we will change our ways - well at least not fast enough to prevent future pandemics.

The fact is that eating animals causes viruses.

Consider this:

  • Covid originated from animal and transmitted to human from a wet market in China

  • In the last few weeks there have been two outbreaks of Avian Flu in the UK. Other cases include the recent Swine flus from around the world - Sweden, China etc

  • The strain of Covid found in mink farms in Denmark which has been passed back to humans. 17 million mink were killed there. Who knew there were 5 times as many mink as there are people in Denmark? Who is buying all this fur?

  • Ebola Virus came from animals

  • MERS came from animals

  • Swine Flu came from animals

  • Sars came from animals

  • Bird Flu came from animals

  • Mad Cow Disease came from animals

It makes sense when you consider the danger of this scenario -very stressed animals, in cramped conditions, with poor immune systems, fed unnatural diets in close quarters with humans.

Until we stop eating animals and destroying wildlife habitats the risk of a new pandemic is around the corner. It's easy to try and make others responsible or wait for a big world organisation to take the lead, but that isn't going to happen.

There's too much money involved and too many vested interests and people rarely take actions to prevent future problems. For example look at the first thing Boris did when he came to power - he scrapped the Pandemic committee. Look what Trump did with WHO - let's not go there.

It's typical to think bad things happen to others and not to us, even when it's glaringly obvious.

On a positive note there are some winners, the agricultural industry and pharmaceuticals to name a couple.

Also, I'll get an opportunity to say 'I told you so - we really aren't very bright'.

If you are on this page then chances are you're open to not eating animals. If you would like any advice, for free, please contact me and mention this blog post, and that you're looking for the informal chat about going Vegan. I'd love to support you here.

Stay well and do what you can for the animals and for ourselves.




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