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The Cause of Coronavirus - People Eating Animals

It is understood that the Coronavirus started at a meat market, a 'wet market' selling both dead and live animals in Wuhan, China. Conoronaviruses are a type of Virus is transmitted from animals to humans. Seven types of Coronavirus, including the one we are seeing devastating lives and economies today, have been transmitted from animals to humans.

Animals are farmed more and more industrially, making ideal and very easy hosts for viruses. They animals are kept in such cramped conditions, such as in farms around the world and in such markets such as the one in Wuhan - perfect for the easy spread of the virus. It is thought the current Coronavirus was spread by bats or snakes which would have infected the densely packed animals at the market. The conditions that these animals are kept in are pretty awful and filthy - further adding to the risk of spreading illness and disease.

Animals are given sub-optimum nutrition - nutrition which simply is far from adequate, designed to beef them up for commercial purposes and far away from their natural diets. This makes them less able to fight off disease and puts them at greater risk of infection.

Most farmed animals have antibiotics in their diet, to keep them alive. This is because their conditions are so awful that many would otherwise die. This may lead to a resistance to antibiotics and make them further prone to infection. Most of the worlds antibiotics goes to the farming industry and into the animals people eat- approximately 90%.

Eating animals is not sustainable. It is not ethical and can never be. It is devastating for the environment. This environmental degradation, partly through the destruction of the rain-forest and natural habitats such as these, leads humans to spaces where they are not acclimatised and are prone to further infection from bacteria and viruses which are bodily systems are not used to.

We will continue to see many more pandemics in future, more and more often. The only solution is to work with nature and not against it. Eating animals needs to be seen for what it is - unhealthy and dangerous. Eating animals is a huge risk, especially when there is absolutely no need for animals or their produce in a human diet.

Regardless of the link of Coronavirus with eating meat, eating meat is a cruel practice, with animals killed as babies for example chickens are typically killed at 37 days old. Eating meat and animal produce also causes a range of health conditions in humans which makes their ability to fight the virus even harder, from heart conditions, diabetes and blood pressure.

Every day you have several opportunities to protect the environment, to make a better choice for you health and that of your family. Next time you prepare a meal or pop to the shop or restaurant - choose Vegan.