Personal Training, Yoga, Plant Based Nutrition.

Private Studio,

Arnos Grove N11, North London

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Marios Iacovou

Vegan - Plant Based

Personal Trainer and Coach

Private, One to One Studio

Arnos Grove, North London

Hi, I’m Marios. I will support you to achieve transformative results to your health and well-being. This may be in the area of weight loss, improving your muscle to fat composition, energy and confidence.


We'll keep it simple, stick to what works with no military fitness style training or butt-kicking in sight. Health and Fitness can be part of a balanced life style - not a miserable life chore.


With a bespoke personal training program and expert plant based nutrition advice, you will look and feel better, within just weeks.

I have a record of supporting people towards getting long term and sustainable results. With me, you'll learn to exercise safely with good form and technique. You'll also be guided with plant based nutritional tips and Vegan life-style suggestions.

Personal training with me offers the full package; custom training sessions, plant based nutritional advice and life-stlye tips and guidance from a welcoming, friendly and private space in  Arnos Grove, North London. 

Contact me today to enquire and to book in your consultation and trial session, only £30

My Personal Training Approach and Philosophy


Finding Connection with an Active and Healthy Life-style

I have never felt like the typical personal trainer. Sport and fitness has never been my whole life. I found most sports awkward (and I still do and am keen to avoid them). At the same time, I understood the importance of good health and fitness. I want others who have been turned off training to give it a go (or another go). Don't let false starts or negative experiences put you off. I aim to make fitness and healthy living a fun and fulfilling experience.


Getting Results is the Biggest Motivator

It was clear to me that staying active, directly resulted in more positive mental health. This is the main motivating factor for me when putting time aside to pick up the weights, go for a run and which helps me to avoid going for the box of (dairy free) chocolates. Within weeks you'll start to see the results come in and this will also be incredibly motivating for you. 

Charging Up with Plant Power

Balanced nutritional practices are key to transformative results. Before I took meat out of my diet I suffered from often mild to sometimes extreme bouts of low energy. 4 years ago, I adopted a Vegan diet and life-style and have never felt better. Find out more about my Vegan journey.


As a Vegan, my energy and vitality is now much higher. I want to share this experience with everyone. I ask my clients (and anyone who will listen) to work towards a plant based life-style. Studies not only show that it is significantly better for our health in all profile indicators, but also the health of the planet and a more compassionate and just way to live. I will support and guide you with nutritional and well as training requirements.

A plant based whole food diet is the healthiest approach and we will work to make a number of small changes to your nutrition which will make a big difference to how you look and feel. Alongside our training sessions we can look at your food diaries on a regular basis and make easy substitutions to your existing diet.


You won't look back once you experience the benefits of a plant based diet.

Gay Friendly Personal Trainer

As a gay personal trainer, I am fully aware that many gay people meet more barriers than the general population to being healthy and active.


These worrying stats speak for themselves. '55% of LGBT men were not active enough to maintain good health, compared to 33% of men in the general population' find out more & 'Lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults are more likely than heterosexuals to suffer chronic health conditions' find out more.


Having volunteered at gay charities, supporting LGBT people with their health and fitness and volunteering on Switchboard and through my own personal experiences I have seen such inequalities first hand and understand these barriers as I have personally been affected by them.

Health and Fitness Belongs To Everyone

When training my clients I understand that they do not label themselves athletes. Many of them, would simply like to have better energy levels, feel happier, and more confidence, whilst staying healthy and with a body shape which makes them feel good.


My clients want to be part of a health and fitness world that they previously felt was not a place for them and they no longer want to miss out on the benefits of an active life-style. They are busy people doing their best in their lives with work, family, friends, studies and a million other considerations.

Start Today with a Complete Personal Training Package


With my 10 year personal training experience, I offer support with a life-style that can balance all these factors and get you transformative health and fitness results, helping you to feel better than ever before.


Whatever your age, fitness level, size, body shape, or training experience, even if you're a total beginner and never taken a step inside a gym.. It is possible and you can start now.



  • Personal Trainer - Advanced Level 4 - Premier Fitness Training - Specialist Area: Management of Lower Back Pain - Active IQ

  • Diploma in Teaching Yoga - YMCA Fit

  • Personal Trainer Level 3 and Advanced Instructor Diploma - Future Fit Training

  • Diploma in Exercise Referral - Level 3 - Active IQ

  • Anatomy & Physiology - Premier Fitness

  • Circuit Training - Future Fit Training

  • Kettlebells - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Padwork For PTs - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes - Active IQ

  • Suspension Fitness - YMCA Fitness Industry Training

  • Torso Training and Core Stability -Future Fit Training

  • Nutrition and Weight Management (Refresher) -Premier Training

  • Nutrition for Sport and Exercise - Future Fit Training

  • Life Coach - IAP Career College

  • Reiki - The Usui System of Natural Healing - Second Degree - City Lit


Health and Fitness Accreditations

  • The National Register of Personal Trainers

  • The Register of Exercise Professionals


Other Relevant Experience

  • Volunteer experience with charity Gay Switchboard

  • Volunteer fitness and health experience with Gay / LGBT charity Wise Thoughts

  • Supporting people with life coaching methods to overcome their limitations

Health and Safety

  • Award in Emergency First Aid at Work  - Level 2 - Active IQ


Public Liability Insurance

  • Current

Prices - 55 min Duration

Consultation and Trial Session - £30


Monthly Standing Order Option:


1 session per week - £195 /month

£45 /session (~4.4 sessions / month)


2 sessions per week - £390 /month

£45 /session (~8.7 sessions /month)

3 sessions per week - £586 /month

£45 /session (~13 sessions /month)

4 sessions per week - £782 /month

£45 /session (~17.5 sessions /month)

Pay As you Go Option - £55 Per Session

Out-call - +30%


See more real life Personal Training Testimonials with photos.

"Marios helped me to make easy changes to my diet. I am now fully plant based! I feel more focused and much lighter - amazing!

James, 29, Camden.

"I had been hoping to lose weight for years. I started training with Marios and everything fell into place"

Dona, 34, North London

"The personal training sessions are always varied. I love that I do not need to train in a gym. The private studio has everything we need"

Matthew, 45, South London

"Personal Training sessions with Marios make me feel empowered. Marios challenges me to push that little bit harder, even after I've had a long day in the office"

Sarika, 32, North London

"After an accident I had soreness in my back. With Yoga and strength training Marios helped me to get back on track and I am now pain free"

Skevi, 30, North London

"I have been training with Marios for many years. Even at my age im still working (because I can and want to). I am stronger than most people less than half my age and I get to do everything I could want in my life without limitations. I put a lot of this down to working with Marios".

Malcolm, 75, South London

"I had never done any strength training before but after a few training sessions with Marios I now go to the gym alongside my PT sessions! I've lost bodyfat and gained muscle."

Stevan, 26, North London

"Personal Training with Marios has made me a calmer & happier person, not to mention stronger and more flexible! I really enjoy our sessions".

Brian W, 55, North London

"I thought I was too old to exercise. Marios showed me that weight training has incredible benefits. I feel strong and have more energy than ever. Now, keeping active will always be a part of my life".

Yvonne 65