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£10 Off 'Consultation & Trial Session' For Vegan Society Card Holders

vegan society personal trainer

I am grateful for the work that the Vegan society does. As a passionate Vegan Personal Trainer, I love sharing the benefits of Vegan living with all my clients whether or not they are Vegan.

I really love meeting fellow Vegans and I get a thrill of excitement when a potential Vegan client drops me a message in my email inbox asking about personal training sessions.

Vegans really are the driving force behind a kinder, more compassionate, sustainable world. This is why I am offering £10 off on the 'consultation & trial' session to members of the Vegan society and they continue to support this organisation and they continue to live a Vegan positive life, I want to give a little back.

Find out more about The Vegan Society here.


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