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Losing Motivation to Workout? Get Back on Track With These Personal Trainer Tips

We all have periods where we struggle to maintain our goals. This is totally normal and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about this. I'll suggest some tips below to keep you on track.

1. Take Some Time Off

This may sound surprising to hear this from a personal trainer but I do recommend a week off every now and again.

Take your foot off acceleration and have a week where you coast. This may include a week off your structured gym program, or a week off from your fasting protocol. In this week off there's no need to go totally off piste, you can still enjoy local walks and maintain general healthy eating practices but simply go considerably easier on the expectations you have for yourself.

See this week off as a healthy retreat, where you can minimalist all expectations on your life, such as busy social schedules and cut out the over-time at work. You will feel refreshed and ready to start up again and will have a new energy to maintain a healthy life-style.

It really does wonders and I often recommend this for my clients, when I feel that they are not as motivated and appearing a little 'burnt out' by life and need a slower pace.

2. Re-jiggle Your Schedule & Routine

I have quit going to the gym again and re-started my from home training sessions, as I simply stopped enjoying the gym. I'm sure I will join the gym again but for now I prefer to train from home, in a different and much simpler way.

I suggest that you also keep a flexible routine. If you really aren't enjoying something change it. If another routine works better for you, then adapt to it. For example if you hold expectation that you will do exercise before work but this proves difficult for you, then maybe consider squeezing a shorter session in during your lunch period instead.

3. Hire a Personal Trainer

Ok, you're thinking of course the personal trainer says hire a personal trainer, but this is exactly what I do to support myself through my goals in life.

I am learning Spanish so I have a Spanish teacher 2 x per week, for the last 2 years, and when I needed to sort out some stuff in my head, I had a therapist, til I no longer felt that I wanted to have a therapist as my objectives had been reached.

Simply having someone to help you stay motivated will keep you on track.

4. If you don't like it, lump it.

There are as many ways and routines and styles to stay fit and healthy as there are people. Find a routine that works for you.

For example, my routine is a short walk each day around my local park and a weights training session 4 x per week. On occasion when the mood takes me, I will practice Yoga. I keep this routine quite fluid. If I decide I don't want to walk around the park any more then I may rejoin a gym and use the treadmill etc.

Try a different class at the gym, or go wall climbing or maybe even start sprints or play tennis. Find the way forward you love best.

I hope some of these ideas resonate with you, and I don't mean idea number 1 on a permanent basis. Good luck and drop me a message if you need extra support to get you going again.


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