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Is Your Motivation to Stay Vegan Waning?

A client who is also a good friend recently expressed that he was not sure whether he'd stick to being fully vegan and may look to be vegetarian on the weekends.

I asked why this was and the main draw back to eating dairy was the desire for cheese. I was a little surprised by this considering he'd always been a passionate Vegan and I wondered if I could offer any choice words to help him stay on the Vegan path.

After all Veganism aligned greatly with his values and therefore from my undertstanding he would feel more satisfied keeping up his veganism.. so the question remained, what would encourage him to keep to the Vegan path..

Here are some ideas I considered;

Explore Alternatives Further, In This Case Alternative To Cheese

For my friends case, it was cheese that was the lure drawing him away from Veganism. I understand that Veganism is still in its infancy when it comes to replicating cheese, but there are some great options to consider out there. One place that I hear good recommendations from is; Vegan cheese is innovative and exciting, improving very fast and will soon in the near future taste exactly like the cheese many of us knew and loved. In the mean time try something a little different and accept that it doesn't have to taste exactly the same... or even as good! It's just a small change, which isn't all that convenient but usually the easiest things to do are not necessarily the best.

Take Yourself Out of the Equation

By remembering why you went Vegan in the first place you can re-flame your Vegan fire. Veganism is about non-exploitation of animals and therefore if we take our own personal wants out of the equation and focus on the good we can do towards animals by emitting their produce from our diets then this may make us feel good.. and keep us away from that addictive stuff. Take a moment and put yourself into the position of the cow and its hardship, it's repeat pregnancies, its babies pulled away from her, only for her children to repeat the cycle, again and again, until they are as the dairy industry calls them 'spent'.

Remember that Cheese is Addictive

I'm not going to pretend to know the chemical compounds etc but I do know that cheese is addictive. It is addictive to get the calf back to the tit. By remembering that there are addictive properties involved we can be more aware of the external pull to cheese. Personally, when I know something is controlling me, then I make an extra effort to reinforce personal control over my choices. It's also not good for your health, not good for your skin and the hormones mess with your mental health, it really is by no means worth it.

Watch a Vegan Documentary or Get on Social Media to Seek Our Inspiring Influencers

Let other passionate Vegans and creators do their magic to support you to stay on the Vegan path. There is a wonderful supportive Vegan community out there. I know people often talk about 'infighting' within any group but the truth is Vegans all want the same thing, animals to be left to their own devices, a better planet and healthier and happier beings. Reach out, as there are wonderful groups out there who'll reach back.

Find a New Vegan Restaurant Or Visit One You Know and Absolutely Love

Let Vegan food do the talking. There are more than enough beautiful Vegan foods out there, so you definitely don't have to resort back to the chicken, fish and cheese. There are many thousands of other super healthy ingredients, recipes and experiences to be had, you just need to reignite this magic and re-connect with a special Vegan dining experience.

Contact a Vegan Friend or Family Member

Sometimes the people that know you best can give you that little push that takes you a long way..

Thank Yourself

You have been Vegan for a time, weeks, months or years. You've most likely gone against your cultural norms and societal expectations. You went against the grain and you made sacrifices. It's totally normal to question things once in a while. Remember why you did veer off the beaten path in the first place and you may find that there's still so much to explore on this journey! Don't turn back.

Imagine the Animals You've Saved

There's no two ways about it, eating meat and the dairy industry means death for the animals. Being Vegan means you've saved a lot of animals. Can you take a moment to imagine if all the animals you saved were in your eye line? Check out this calculator here and see how many animals you have saved, and the rest!

You've been a hero to the animals, don't stop here!



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