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Training Clients Virtually - From Their Own Gym, Internationally.

Over the last while, I've really enjoyed training clients from their own gym space. This is usually their local gym or the gym in their building block.

There are some benefits to this method of distance virtual training.

1) We can make use of your local gym and make your gym membership work harder for you

2) Clients do not need to make the journey to me, being able to train with me anywhere in the world

3) We can enjoy more variety, in spaces more equipped than my own gym studio. Of course, more equipment doesn't mean more effective but for some people this increased variety can help with motivation.

4) We can use your hotel gym when you are abroad, maintaining your health and fitness program when away for leisure and work.

One case study, is my client Joseph in Washington, US.

I enjoy training him and really glad that virtual training has provided the opportunity for this union to take place. It was almost unthinkable to me before the pandemic, that i'd be offering and enjoying and seeing such great results with these sessions.

Joseph is staying regular with his sessions and we manage to book in consistent weekly sessions, even with the time difference.

I really wanted to write a little about this, as many people i speak to do not realise that this is an option for them.

If you'd like to try virtual personal training with me from your residential building or local gym, get in touch with me and we can chat further.



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